Friday, May 2, 2008

"Pacific Heights"

Anyone seen this movie????

Well, not only have I seen it, but I am living it.

I have one roommate who sees the glass 1/2 full (if not fuller), looks for the brighter side of things and sees the best in people.

On the other hand, I live with the DEVIL!!! She is a convicted felon who is making our lives a living "F#cking HELL!" She thinks everyone is out to get her and has no friends and lost custody of her children.

She has...
*thrown conditioner at my roommate
*stolen the television cord for our family room television, so only she can watch television
*slammed and banged every door and cupboard to disrupt us if we are home
*left every light in the house, which increased our electric bill
*and paid every rent and utility bill LATE!!!
*screamed at us for taking showers or utilizing the bathroom on "her bathroom time"
*called a girlfriend whose is dating a guy she has a fatal attraction for a "whore" and threatened to "take care of her" if she ever saw her via text
*had parties at our house with underage drinkers and illegal drugs
*proceeded to have LOUD sex with some random dude
*tell people on the phone how we are b#tches and c*nts(I hate that word)and how she absolutely hates living here (then get out, leave, be gone!!!)

I have lost my mind...
*contacted my landlord as to how to remove her - RESULT: Checking with lawyer, but if she doesn't go willingly, it doesn't look promising
*called the police for advisement regarding our safety and the illegal drugs and partying - RESULT: "Nothing, call if the party with drugs happens"
*turned off the direct tv box in her room and removed all access cards, so viewing TV is not possible (I of course will not make her pay for TV bill anymore and hopefully she will now pay rent on-time)
*debated whether we should tell our landlord to evict us and re-write the lease etc...

I do think without a doubt she will take a swing at me. I have never been in a fight with a girl before and find that I am really disappointed after all the years of finding amicable ways to resolve issues,that now at the age of 30 I must experience my first "Jerry Springer" episode. She is 37 and we believe her to really and truly be mentally unstable at this point. When she does hit me though, this will all be over FINALLY!!!

Anybody got any advice???


TrainingtoTri said...

No advice. That stinks. Your lease is up in August right? I would move out in June or July and just suck up paying rent for 2 months, it's worth your peace of mind.

TrainingtoTri said...
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DaisyDuc said...

Awwe girl, I had no idea you were dealing with all of this! Sounds like a disaster!!!!

Next week when I work from home maybe we can get in another workout. I promise not to hurt ya!

allanjel said...

Thanks for the help ladies. I appreciate the support. We just want to live in peace. We offered to leave and/or asked her to leave. We are going to stay with my 'rents until this is taken care of as we don't really feel safe.