Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Malachi 2-Miler 2009

Hard to believe, but racing season has started again!! Although, I am a complete fitness disaster I am still really excited as my mom and dad both did their first, but not even close to their last road race on Saturday.

After weeks of hassling my mom, AD and I convinced her to do the 5 miler. When I got the email from her saying she was in for the 5, I logged onto "active" immediately and registered her before she could back out. AD also registered for the 5 and secretly planned to make the trip from eastern PA to their house on Friday and run with her sister in her first race. I registered my dad for the 2 miler and myself for the 5 miler as I promised I would do it with my mom.

I left work after midnight and by the time I actually fell asleep I ended up with a little less than 4 hours sleep (not even my race and still get race anxiety the night before), but made it out of bed around 7:30am. My dad was doing the 2 mile at 9:00am, so I figured I had plenty of time. I got to the race and it looked like the turnout was bigger than ever!

Found my parents a few minutes later and confirmed with my dad that he wanted me to run with him and when the bell sounded...WE WERE OFF FOR THE FIRST RACE!!!

The first mile started at a pretty quick pace for him, so I told him he might want to back it off a little, but anybody that knows my dad knows it's "balls to the wall" all the time and my advice went unheeded. We continued out to the first mile marker and that is when the cramps and shin splints started in his legs. I was worried. I didn't care how slow or fast he finished, but I wanted him to finish and enjoy his first experience, not hobble through in pain! We passed the 1 mile marker and he stopped to stretch. While he stretched he noted 3 women not part of the race running toward him and he was certain my mother had sent them to rescue him from this hell called the 2 miler. Alas, they did not stop for him and he trudged on to the turnaround a few meters ahead. We made the turn and although the pain had not subsided he was not to be deter from finishing his race. GO DAD!!

I reminded him that he was over half way and every step brought him within reach of the finish. It seemed to be working or so I thought, until he noted the competition that pulled up on his left with a fierce look in it's eyes (see below).

That's when my dad really poured on the gas and hammered it to put the competition in it's place and get up and over the bridge to the final turn before the hill we all know and love. I told him not to look at mom because she would be crying when she saw him, but again my advice went unheeded and when he heard her, AD and my uncle cheering he of course looked and of course she was crying. He gave a laugh and muster some sarcastic remark like "oh geez!!!" I ran ahead to the finish to get a picture of him crossing, which I did, but later deleted because I am a retard and my camera is smarter than me!!! As soon as he crossed the finish we all jumped on him and hugged him, but all he wanted was a moment of peace and some water. I was super stoked. One parent down and one to go!! Next up the 5 miler with my mom.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

And The Beat Goes On

Entering what seems like her millionth week of training, but is actually 7 or 8 (uuggh, I can't remember, I barely know my own name and the current day!!) my mom has made it through unscathed with only minimal problems.

I guess one of the biggest issues is that her new suits are a bit big on her and her old suits fit just fine now. Poor thing, she to has failed at what so many women struggle to do and that is to maintain their weight. It is so common today to hear women complaining about how much weight they are losing and how no matter what they eat they just can't keep the pounds on (SARCASM).

Another problem is her bone density. Since, she is doing all this weight bearing activity she is decreasing her chances of being given the gift of osteoporosis (again SARCASM).

On the flip side, she has been blessed with a few tight muscles and some minor aches and pains to help balance all this out. Her long run of 7 miles has nearly doubled the distance she will be running in the marathon relay, so now the focus will be on time, or lack there of.

Her runs were 3 times a week, but her plan has now bumped her up to 4 days and her first race is only 9 days, yep 9 days away!! She is in plenty of shape to do the 5 mile, but she promised my dad she would do the 2. I have offered my services to run with my dad in the 2 and then with my mom in the 5, but apparently I am chop liver. My dad cannot do the 5 and my mom does not want to do both races (even though she could).

So what do I sign her up for? Her plan calls for 8 miles that day AND more importantly she needs to earn her post-race beer at Shooters. So what race do I sign her up for ... THE 2 or THE 5 miler...hhhmmmm...thoughts??? anybody????