Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The "GREATEST" Cleveland Tri

The Walrus and the Turtle right before the start
Almost Done!

Just a .1 miles to the finish!!

Our photographers!!

I am the 3rd cyclist just coming out of the park. The walrus is back there, RIGHT behind me!!!

Transition Area

The Walrus coming for his new shoes!!

Swim Finish!!

My Race Recap goes like this...

Swim - I bet my fast, older boyfriend a new pair of running shoes I would be out of the water and across the first mat before him. I had a 3 minute head start being in the 15-29 sprint wave. He was in the 30-39. He took the bet. I hit the water and after a minute or two many people were pulling ahead of me. I was worried but then at the first buoy I began picking off quite a few. I found a rythm and swam comfortably all the way in. My father had come to watch me for the first time ever and I was dead set on making him proud. I got out of the water and hit the beach running for fear my boyfriend would pass me on the run to the mat (how much would that suck??!!!) My dad and some friends were screaming as I came out of the water that I had beaten him and I let out a "WHOO HOO" and thought go, go, go, get to the mat.

Made it to T1 and about 1 minute later there he was!! I knew it was over for me on the bike but I was pumped. I left T1 behind a girl and followed the no passing rule. There were about 5 people right behind me and then 3 because a girl came flying by and then a guy in the park. I yelled "you can't pass" but they did not care. I was a little mad, but was not going to cheat. As I exited the park my boyfriend went flying, I mean flying by me. I smiled and knew now he would only get faster as he had the fastest run and was 12th on the bike that day. I did get pedaled down by 10 or so men and only 3 or so women. Some cyclists said "way to go CTC" and "keep going CTC" I said thanks and told them to keep moving too. I was mishap free and almost back to the park on my way back up Heisley less than a mile to go when a buck ran across the road. Never thought I would have to worry about hitting a deer on my bicycle, but then another buck even closer came across. Needless to say I made it into the park without hitting anything.

T2 was okay. I should have taken more time to get all the sand off my feet (ended up with 2 blisters that are small but hurt like hell), but I already wasted time hitting my inhaler and taking a gel.

I went out for the run and grabbed some water, said hi to Matt and headed out to chase the girl less than a 1/4 mile ahead. I did catch her and we had battled on the bike course so as I ran by I could only shake my head and say to her "Man you are tough." She smiled and said thanks as I finally passed her for the last time and broke away. The run is always my worst of the 3 events. My boyfriend calls me the turtle cause I fall apart. Today I still fell apart, but not as bad as I usually do. I kept my stride open and encouraged everyone I passed or that I saw on the way in to keep going and good job. A fellow sprint CTCer high fived me on the way in (Thanks!!) and with that I pushed the pace the entire way back to the finish for 3rd in my AG and a BIG HUG from my father. It was awesome. I won my first award ever in a TRI, a new pair of shoes and my father came up to cheer me on and tell me how proud he was.

Also, congrats to Adam on 2nd in his AG in the Sprint, Kevin on 1st OA in the 1/2, Brian for winning his AG in the 1/2, Janet 1st in her AG and Brandon for kicking some arse in the 1/2, Jodi for surving the Aqua-bike under adverse conditions from the night before, everyone else who competed and the fantastic volunteers.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bow Wow Beach

Today was another scorcher. I had been promising to spend some quality time with my dog, "The Bails." I had read an article about a park for dogs in Stow called Bow Wow Beach and with the weather in the 90's I figured why not today.

I grabbed his leash and my sunglasses and off we headed. It was about a 20 minute drive and when we got there I could see it was fenced in as described in the paper and there were about 20 or so dogs running in and out of the water chasing tennis balls, there tails and each other.

Bails had seen the same. His body was erect and you could just see the excitiement. I had him leashed and he patiently waited for me to open the door. Then the patients ended. He began yanking me everywhere sniffing this and sniffing that. Whoa, stop slow down, but there was no stopping him today.

We got in the gates and he immediately started barking and chasing the other dogs. He was just playing, but he was indeed bullying them. I yelled at him to be nice and stop it. We walked to the water, but he wouldn't go in. People can't swim there, but I had sandals on so I walked in a little ways. He hesitantly followed for a second, but then jumped out to bark and chase a 3-legged dog. I yelled at him again to no avail.

A good samaritan who trains dogs came over and explained to me that I needed to leash him for a bit, tell him to be nice and then praise him when he was nice to the other dogs and scold him when he barked and bullied them. We began walking the beach introducing ourselves to each doggy that approached and I petted Bails and told him "be nice" and "good boy" repeatedly. We worked on this for about a half hour and then tried it off the leash. He was much better, but still slipped up every now and then.

We walked down to the other end of the beach and I waded in about mid thigh trying to coax him in. He would come in up to his chest and then run back out the first few times until he finally gathered up enough courage to go a bit farther. I was so proud of him. He was swimming!!! I thought he was an alligator circling me with his head above the water (haha).

We got out and walked back toward the exit when he ran into a black lab named Nick who was just a puppy but definately looking for a buddy. Bails tackled him and barked, chasing him all over and Nick did the same. I shook my head and yelled to be nice. Nick loved it. Oh no!! His owner came over to explain how her dog had no common sense and friended every dog even the bullies. Finally, the two dogs stopped goofing around and seperated. Bails took one more dip in the lake before we left.

The park provided us with a hose (Thank God some dog had taken a dump in the lake and there were fish too. Eeeewww!!!) so one more shower for Bails today. He trotted to the truck and shook off before jumping up into his seat. He laid down almost immediately in the truck for a nap and now two hours later is still chilling. Although, I myself skipped my swim and will have to make up a 15 mile run tonight after work at 11:00pm it was all worth it to see my doggie smile.