Monday, December 17, 2012

Presents, Raffles, Prizes and Giveaways -- Get Yours!!

So far, so good.  This month has been without madness and perhaps my luck is improving!  I really like the idea of ending the year on a good note.

I have been putting in 45-50 hours/week trying to get in some OT to spend on Christmas gifts as I LOVE giving presents way more than getting them (my checking account probably doesn't agree).  I plan to really delve into the shopping world with less than a week before Christmas just to put a little pressure on -- haha!

I was fortunate enough to receive a $50 gift card from Fleet Feet and a $200 gift card to Liquid Lifestyles from teh Stan Bugarcic Memorial Fund Raiser.  I donated $100 in hopes of pushing the fundraiser line closer to the goal.  I know the money is no replacement for his loss, but perhaps it will be one less thing for the family to deal with.  MR even threw in a hoodie with the NCM logo and some gloves.  I can never thank him enough for all the support he has given me through the years and volunteering at his races has become a favorite past time of mine. 

I brought myself home a laughing hyena award that poked fun at my supposedly snapper bitten wetsuit that won me a brand spanking new one from Blue Seventy.  I am not sure what kind it is, as it's on backordered until January.  It just so happened my mom bought me a reaction for my birthday, but hey, who doesn't want 2 wetsuits? :)

And now, I am diligently entering contest through the holidays and hoping by a stroke or two lucky enough to win a brand new Garmin 910xt here:  He needs 75 entrants or no dice -- I mean Garmin.  So, go sign-up!  I'd rather see a friend of mine get it.  I mean if I don't that is ;)

I'm also doing the USATNCC to motivate myself to workout more.  It's easier said than done.  I was hoping to run 50 miles and swim 10-13.  Running is going well, but I can already tell you the swimming is a #FAIL!  I have hit the pool one time, so far --EEK!!  I entered this DecDoubleDown challenge @girlsgonesporty too and I think perhaps when it's over I am going to be renamed this girls gone portly!!  Ahhh!!

Anyway, hoping to pull out some workouts via gym rat style here for the next 2 weeks.... or more!

Monday, December 3, 2012

December -- Please Go Easy On Me!!

I was doing well for a minute there, getting a little more diligent about my blogging and then -- BAM!!  Life happened.

This fall has been a little hard on me (to say the least).  In August, I was hit by a car while riding my 2 month old brand spankin' new tri bike.  Then in October I finally had the breast reduction I had wanted for about 20 years and with the arrival of  Novemver, I had planned to head back to work in time for the holidays and put in some OT but unfortunately, my grandfather became ill and passed away. 

Needless to say it has been hectic and now --- THE HOLIDAYS!  I am taking each day in stride just trying to find a balance between work and starting to train, again.  It's never easy and now seems even more difficult due to the fact my fatigue level has been worse than normal.  I had my annual check-up and my red blood cells and hematocrit came back low with my hemoglobin right on the lowest point of normal.  I assumed it was because I had surgery and RBCs take about 53 days to replenish themselves, but then I saw my TSH levels and those were moderately elevated, so that is the next saga for me.  Hopefully, it will literally just mean a "magic pill" and no side effects.

To be continued....