Sunday, June 8, 2008

Clay's Park Tri

I was in total "bitch mode" for this one, if you know what I mean. I did not get a good night's sleep and was feeling super-duper dragging of the ass for this one.

The walrus and I arrived a little after 7:00am to the park without getting lost this year and found quite a large field to already be there. I was all business, immediately pulling my bike out and taking it to transition as I wanted to get a decent spot. Racked all my gear and headed to registration to pick up my BIB. I went back to transition to drop off my race belt and this "b$tch" had racked her sh%t between the walrus's and mine. I was pissed. I had racked tight enough with him so she had to have moved my bike!! How dare someone slide my gear and take my spot. I grabbed my bike and switched it right back. I was not playing nice today. I saw MN and B-bop racked on the other side so I stopped to chat and not be negative (I think I was okay). AY ran into me before my warm-up and informed me she had forgotten her bike helmet and I immediately offered her the spare that the walrus had brought. She mentioned it was a tad big, but it would work.

Before heading out for my warm-up I took two puffs on my inhaler as the humidity had frequently caused my airway to close all week and I didn't want any mishaps today. I ran out on the course for about 5-10 minutes feeling completely like crap and sweating like a pig. My legs were heavy and my breathing was just blah. I decided to get some water and head down to the lake thinking maybe a quick dip before the start would help. I pulled on my wetsuit and headed down to the beach, but being unfocused and crabby I had not been paying attention and I had pulled my wetsuit on up to my hips backwards. Aaargghh! I easily stripped it and redressed appropriately, but the damage was done. I was even more annoyed. I watched the start of the men's 18-39 wave and saw the walrus off. He was wearing a blue/white cap so it was easy to spot him. He looked strong and was in the top 5 coming out of the water, but he would lated inform me that the full sleeved wetsuit had been way too hot and he was overheating on the swim. The 40 and over wave started 5 minutes after them and the women were to all start 5 minutes after that. I chose to swim out and back and see if I could get some blood flowing in my arms while we waited for our wave to start.

Last year my time was 1:37:39. This year I had two goals. Goal 1 - 1:20:00 and Goal 2 - be out on the run before the walrus finished. Last years splits looked like this...
Swim 12:42
Bike 52:37
Run 28:22

I knew it would be a challenge to hit the 1:20:00 and not feeling great by any means had only lessened my chances.

The swim - started behind AY as I knew even in her swimsuit she would still kill me in my wetsuit. There seem to be quite a few women, maybe 50 or so and it was a little clustered. I was in the middle. The faster swimmers were immediately pulling away from me and as usual I could feel myself falling back. I had 3 or 4 females swimming in diagonal lines in front of me which of course, you guessed it, annoyed me as I would have to pull up and look for another line. I had thought this one female next to me was going to swim straight, but when I checked the buoy she was trying to force me to the outside and I had to slow, let here cut me off and swim for the sticks so I could stay on course. I had not been swimming as much as I should have and I was noticing every time I stopped to adjust for a swimmer it would take a minute to get in a rythm with my breathing. Finally, I made the turn and started pulling away from the field. The swimmers had spread themselves out and I began overtaking those who had gone out too hard. but the leaders were gone. I figured I was right on pace at that point and felt pretty relaxed, but the heart rate was up there and once again I had gone out harder than I would have liked. I stopped sighting on the buoys and just went for the crowd on the shore. I managed to swim out too wide, but I was closer to transition when I exited. I struck the ground with my hand before I stood up not realizing how quickly I had finished the swim. Surprised, I stood and immediately worked my suit down to my waist while running for transition. Split 9:44, under 10 minutes. I will take it.

T1- Fumbled around to get ready to cycle, took a gel and grabbed my inhaler at the last second and ran for the road. Split 1:57. Under 2 minutes okay, but needs work.

Bike - same course as last year 6.5 out and back with rollers through the first 3 and last 3. I saw the Walrus and B-bop riding together at about 9.5 miles in what looked like 4th and 5th (looking good guys). I managed to bike at least 10-20 people down throughout the bike, however I was blowing up. Out was about 25 minutes to the turnaround, but back I felt like a champ. I was pumping out 20-25 mph for about 4 miles. It was sweet. I was down on my new aeros, focused on the guy/girl in front of me and crank through the turns. I was rested for the hill, but even still it was a lactic killer. My quads were pulsing. Whoooo, FIRE! I pushed up one mash at a time. There was no way I was walking it. I was in better shape this year. Crested the hill and got passed by the only person that day and of course it was a chick, BW. I was accepting as the woman is a sub-20 5k runner and for me to stay up on her that long made me feel pretty good. Got back to the park in 20 minutes. Split 45:18. I was hoping to be closer to 20 mph, but with the H3 (humidity, headwind and hills)...BLAH... Just gotta get better, HTFU!

T2- Dropped the bike, fumbled with my shoe laces. Visor in place, took another gel...GO! Split 1:10. I suck, I know. I should be better at this.

The run was hot, hot, hot. I thought there might be water coming out of transition so I had skipped one last sip on my water bottle. No water and 5k to go. I was feeling about normal at this point. My legs were heavy, the breathing was ragged and I just wanted to jump in the lake so yep I was right where I normally am. I was about 200 meters out and what do you know, the walrus passed me. HA!! I had made it to the run before he had finished. Goal 2 - ACHIEVED, now for goal 1. I passed a girl almost immediately, but around mile 1 a different girl passed me. I had my racing flats on and was having flashbacks to running Cleveland and was just plain getting mad at my shoes thinking I should have worn my Asics. So now I was really annoyed. Finally got to the water stop and took two cups, one to drink and one to dump on me. There was some shade at this point for which I was thankful and managed to pick up the pace a very small bit. I made it to the turnaround and checked my watch. 1:11:xx. Man, I was not going to run 1.55 miles in 9:00 today. I grabbed another cup of water on the way back passed the turnaround and accepted the fact that I for the second race in a row was going to come oh so close and my friggin' goal time AGAIN. I got passed in the last .75 miles by another girl, but I was only focused on my time today and not about beating people. Split 26:12. Nothing to be proud of. That was a last year run time. What the hell was I thinking, not running harder. It was only 3 miles.

I was so crabby and hot. I barely even took a minute to be thankful that I am able to do these things. I grabbed some water and walked to the bathroom to rinse the sweat and disappointment off my face. I had PR'd by 13 minutes, but I was in such a bad mood I couldn't be happy. I saw MN and she had successfully rocked out her tri. It was the one of the highs of the morning to hear she had done so well. The walrus managed to come away with 1st in his AG and B-bop took 2nd in his AG (ahh, the gruesome twosome). Big shout out to AY, who got 1st for the ladies 25-29 (girls rock, had to be the helmet :)

Me, well I am not ready for the Oly in a few weeks and don't even have the right to say HIM today. I finished the marathon a few weeks ago and have been lazy, only running a few days and just pulling a workout here and there as I see fit. Vacation is OVER. Now it is time to get down to business.

Pics to follow soon.
Good thing my bitchiness is only temporary.

BTW, Anybody in for Flag Day??????


tracie said...

you rocked in spite of being crabby!

great job! :)

E-Speed said...

hey you did great. We all have those foul mood days now and again.

I'll see you at flag day!

solarsquirrel said...

Awesome job! It was SOOOOOOO hot. When you get in a bad mood try to fake being happy - it actually works!