Monday, September 13, 2010

The Heroic Comeback of a Lame Duck!!

Well, it's been 5 months since my feet and my left hamstring started bugging me and they STILL do.  I am just beside myself with this one.  I stopped running, did nothing, switched to cycling for exercise and added more strength training than ever in the last 4 weeks and no changes. 

I dread going to the doctor and having them say I need physical therapy that will probably cost me $50 a visit out of pocket even with my insurance.  Not to mention I don't even have time for it with my schedule or even worse they will tell me my hamstring has just been beaten up so badly I am looking at a walker in a few years (LOL). 

Anyway, after studying pretty much all day yesterday and following some stellar performances at Rev3 I feel renewed with hope.  Hope that by next spring I can either run the Boston Marathon or team up with Daisy for what promises to be the most painful experience yet!!  What to do...What to do.....???

Either way this lame duck has gotta try and fly again soon.

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Adventures with MS said...

Listen to your body. Maybe this year it needs a little break. :)