Sunday, October 3, 2010

Electrified Mania

My favorite time of year has come, fall, when the leaves are so colorful, the temperature is perfect and I can eat lots of candy leading up to and after Halloween. The only problem is the pain in my left heel, just wont heal and the nagging pain that gets very sharp and painful if I overdue it in my hamstring, still lingers. Not being able to run anymore would probably cause me to commit a felony of some kind, so the last 3 weeks I have been gingerly trudging around my neighborhood for a half hour most days of the week with my favorite 7.5 mile jaunt on Sunday. I am completely avoiding hills since it aggravates the heel, but a few false flats here and there seem to be doable.

Today I started out extremely tentative and careful on what I hoped would be my longest run since Muncie. I made it out about 3 miles before that electrified feeling hit me. I was overjoyed as I had missed that second wind, tingling, ready to go get 'em sensation, I so often felt on my runs last year. I opened it up a little and felt awesome, a big smile on my face as I pressed on down Pettibone Road. I started thinking about psych class and how people with bipolar disorder loved their manic states because it was such a high and they felt so strong, even at times invincible -- that was how I felt in those next 5 miles today. My runner's high was my manic state and I loved every second of it. I made it home rolling though 9 gloriously kick ass mile, feeling great with only minor and completely manageable pain in my feet and no biting pain in the hamstring.


The Salty One said...

You were supposed to tell me when you were going to run in Solon so I could come too! I want to come down but am worried I will have no one to run with. Next time let me know and I'm there!! So glad you were able to get out for some miles!

Adventures with MS said...

Nice, glad the weather and the heel were with you that day. I am loving the cool weather and the favorite runs are always this time of year.