Friday, April 15, 2011

Ready Or Not

I can't believe I am getting on a plane tomorrow for Boston.  It's already here and I have a lot of reservations about this race and my performance.  I have so many doubts about this race.  I am fairly confident I will finish and under 4hrs (which sounds, so slow to me), but the idea of running a PR feels like a stretch. 

When work started a little over a month ago, it really started to cut into my running and I struggled to get in the miles.  I did get in three 20-milers in prep for Boston, but I feel extremely run down and sluggish right now.  I worked about 46-47 hrs this week and the last two nights got home around 1-2 am.  I ran 2 times last week and 2 this week.  And then there was the crash...

Having not run at all until Saturday last week, I opted to go for a 25 mile bike ride on Sudnay with a short run after, but on my way back with only 2 miles to go I crashed.  There was medium traffic through a construction area and as I tried to navigate through it a nice sized pothole presented itself in my path.  I couldn't avoid it so I tried my best to bunny hop it, but I didn't get enough air and the tire just missed clearing the edge.  I flipped over the front end with my feet locked into the pedals.  I felt my right thigh slam into my aero bars and careened down the pavement on my right side.  I laid there for a few seconds stunned and then I got up fearing a driver may have thought I had killed myself.  I could tell I felt off, but the adrenaline and shock was minimizing most of the pain.  I fixed my back brake and assessed the damage.  It was rideable, so I headed home.  My right elbow was jacked up and throbbing really bad.  I was having a hard time straightening it and couldn't sit in the aero position at all.  I arrived home without any further mishaps and went in the house to assess the damage.

I had some road rash down my right arm and on my left butt cheek, but my right leg took the brunt of the damage.  I had a HUGE bruise on my right quad and a few small ones behind my leg, but the worst was my right shin.  It was swollen and had a greenish-blue hue to it.  I poured alcohol down my right arm and it felt like someone took a blow torch to it.  As for the shin and thigh, I could only ice it and hope for the best.  I have been pretty sore all week and when I run I feel pretty stiff, but it is doable, so I am hoping the discomfort will be minimal on Monday.  I have been taking some naprosyn, but truth is I just really need some rest. 

I almost slipped on the stairs and fell down them today too.  I am usually not this clumsy, but perhaps I have an unseen dark cloud following me.  I really hope it doesn't follow me to Boston and by some luck I can pull this off. 

I went for a little "pep talk run" today and although I felt like absolute crap I berated myself a little for being so scared and such a wuss.  I told myself "if you step up to the line, you better stop being such a cry baby and run like a motherf*cker or stay the F home."  I am still going to run hard.  It just might not reflect a PR.  I am going to try, but I never know what I am gonna get until race day itself.  The only thing I know is I will fight tooth and nail to the line, just like I do at every marathon.

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