Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Round 3

Well, I survived another round of training and work.  It is definitely easier when it's not my weekend to work.  My run week runs Monday - Sunday, but my work schedule runs Sunday-Saturday, so when I work 12s on the weekends it just mess everything up.

I don't know why I set myself up this fall the way I did.  It could be I like a challenge, maybe I like to just be stressed out about a lot of things, or perhaps I'm a sadist and just glutton for some punishment.  Whatever the reason I signed myself up for a full, a half and the Akron marathon relay.  I'm the least nervous about the half, but the other two....  Well, I would like to PR in the marathon again and with the relay I have 3 freaky fast chicks counting on me to drop the trailer and move my butt.

Training is much more difficult than I thought it would be with 3 days/week off.  One day, half the time is just dedicated to recovering from the long hours I put in at work.  Not to mention, I am a sucker for OT.  These last two weeks at work have been extremely stressful on the unit, because the patient acuity is so high and we are short-staffed.  This stresses the nurses that are coming to work out and then they call off, so it's just one stressful day after another.   I refuse to call off, even though I dread the thought of going in some days and I hate having too many patients I don't know where to begin, so when the boss asks if I can come in early to help alleviate evening shift, of course I say yes.

All that said, here is the run down from round 3.  I am on borrowed time as I offered to come back in at 7:00pm tonight and it's already 10:30am and I need some sleep. 

Mon: 13 miles (long run - 8:34/mile)
Tues: 2 miles (easy treadmill - 10:00/mile) and rehab exercises (SI joint in my spine is bugging me)
Wed: OFF
Thur: OFF
Fri: 8 miles (tempo 2 mile warm-up with 4x100 strides, 3 miles at 8:00/mile, 1 mile easy 10:00/mile, 1 mile 7:30/mile, 1 mile cool-down)
Sat: 7.5 miles (easy roads - 9:12/mile)
Sun: Double Day 2 miles (easy 8:42), 7.5 miles (easy - 8:34/mile) and rehab exercises

Total: 40 miles
Peace OUT!!


The Salty One said...

Sometimes I bemoan how hard it is to get workouts in as a SAHM, but I can always load up the tots in the stroller. I guess you can't load up 20 cancer patients and take them for a spin around the neighborhood! And it's a lot easier to drag my butt out of bed at 5:30 when I will have at least a few minutes to lay down during nap time. You're doing great with what you have to work with! And don't you worry any more about our relay. You will do great and we'll love you whether we win or not!!!

Janet Edwards said...

40 miles is not too shabby with that crazy schedule.

Ha and I am hardly freaky fast...as long as u come hang out at the FL with us and we have some fun, that is all that matters!!!