Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dream A Little Dream

I need to become more regular again regarding my blogging and by that I mean 3-4 times a month, not once a month.  I have been a busy bee though with other things.  No rest here.

Work has slowed down a bit and I am not being called in every week for OT, although I did willing volunteer Tuesday night to be on-call and ended up going in for a few extra hours.  Lord knows I am going to need the money to fix my broken self.

On my way home yesterday I stopped at Solon Spine and Wellness to see TK, who has been providing me with temporary relief in my left foot with his magic hands.  After that it was a quick trip home to let the beasts out for a potty break and then over to the Twinsburg CCF facility to see my doctor. 

He seemed genuinely bummed to hear that the orthotics (that cost $400 mind you) had not brought me any relief.  He examined my foot and ankle, making sure to hit all the tender spots and make me wince (there are four) before saying the 3-letter acronym I knew was inevitably coming when the orthotics had failed.  "Let's do an MRI, okay?"  "Okay," I replied.  Another test, another long test, but over the last few weeks my attitude has definitely moved into a more depressed state in regards to this.  I have put running again out of my mind and become desperate to just WALK without pain again.  I know I did this to myself, but 2 years of this has now become too much.  I dream of the day when I don't wince in pain (at least not on my left foot/ankle anyway).  Anyway the MRI is next week and hopefully, I can make some headway, err "foot-way" with this.

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