Monday, October 8, 2012

Do you like the boobs?

That's become part of the Jersey Shore theme before every episode begins.  Deena asks the question.

I've always had the same answer about my own -- NO!

For 20+ years now I have micromanaged the extra weight in my chest looking for permanent solutions and find a way to accept what God had given me.  In High School I usually wore a sports bra and 2 when competing in sports.  I even inadvertently learned to stand with my shoulders rolled inwards to minimize the hugeness of the girls.  I tried a few nude, white and black "regular" bras that provided minimal support.  I even bought a strapless once (it was a complete waste of money and fell down).  I shyed away from swimming suits finiding them as supportive as a toothpick.  I searched websites to no avail through the years for the right option and finally opted to go with a super powered "over the shoulder boulder holder" and a secondary sports bra over the top.  It felt like my chest was being squeezed, but it was the best I could do to support them.  I suffered through sore neck and back muscles and sternum burns throughout my years as an athlete (and still do).

Until now...

I had been considering a breast reduction / mastopexy since pretty much the day the girls showed up.  My mother had scorned the idea saying "I needed to appreciate what God had given me."  Over and over I tried to accept them, but enough was enough.  I made an appointment in September with a plastic surgeon, went in for a consultation and scheduled an appointment to have them reduced.  It was unfortunate they would not be covered under insurance because he couldn't remove 1 pound from each and I didn't have any severe condition my breasts had caused (i.e. chronic back pain).  I was offered a 20% discount through my employer and only had to pay 38% up front, with the rest being deducted from my paycheck.  I took the deal and signed the paperwork.

On October 24th, after years of fighting to accept my body and change it through physical activity and fancy bras I have decided to go under the knife.  I'm a 34DD and have asked to be as 34B.  I worry about the pain and the risk for infection, but when it's all said and done I hope to say exactly what my doctor's NP told me "women leave all the time saying they should have done this 10 years ago and are extremely happy." 

Since the amount removed from each breast will be less than 1 pound it's considered a mastopexy.  Here is a video (minus removal of tissue) of pretty much what they will be doing to me incisions and nipple resetting --- ouch and barf!!

Mastopexy 1
Mastopexy 2

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