Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rippin' that Sh*t

I had planned on another tempo run this week, yesterday as a matter of fact, but I woke up with a headache and nauseated.  I haven't had a sip of alcohol for over 2 weeks now and though, uh oh -- stomach flu.  I managed to choke down 2 tylenol and sleep until about 11:30pm before getting up for the day (I work at night, so my day usually starts between 5p and 8p). 

I procrastinated until about 7:30am and decided to do some intervals instead.  Sometimes, I just need to mix it up and I never follow a training plan to a "T" -- it's impossible.  I opted for a "FIRST" workout.  It was 8 x 500 meters @ 5K pace with 100 meter RI.  In hindsight, I should have done 10 x 500 as I ran 3 x 1 mile a few weeks ago, but oh well, I planned to run a long warm-up since it had started to snow and it was 35 degrees and dropping. 

After 4 miles of trotting around my neighborhood I hit the 3/4 mile cirlce in the back of my development and hit the lap on my garmin to start my workout.  Not having run a race in over 5 months, I thought I would target 7:30-7:40 per mile for the first 4 and try to push the last 4.  Here's what I got...

Mile pace for the first (4) 500's (7:36, 7:26, 7:15, 7:19) -- avg 7:24
Mile pace for the last (4) 500's  (7:08, 7:14, 7:09, 6:45) -- avg. 703

Total miles: 8

I probably buried myself with those last 4 way too much, but hey sometimes you just rip that shit!!

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