Monday, March 25, 2013

Mile Repeats -- Again

I keep meaning to blog about my workouts and not just my races to see the progression in my training, but so far it's a fail as I have 0.  I ran 4x800 a couple weeks ago with 400 meter recoveries and wanted to compare it to another time I had done that, but no workout logged or blogged anywhere -- doh!

About a month ago I went down to the KSU field house to run 3x1 mile repeats with Salty's Ginger with a J and get lapped by CED (a lot).  The goal was 740.  It was stuffy and warm.  I went 727, 747, 744, avg. 739 -- right on goal.  Not necessarily, the consistency I wanted though.  Recovery time was  whatever time it took to get to the 800 meter mark/2 lap job recovery (530-540).

I had the workout on my my training schedule again last week and having done my long run on Thursday that left the Sunday SERC run.  The goal was 737 -- only 2 seconds faster this time.  I wouldn't be able to run with anybody, but I could use the fasties as rabbits to help pull me along. 

I ran 3 easy miles for a warm-up with one at a solid effort.  PR passed me right before the first repeat and I figured he would probably be running about 715-730, so I tried to focus on him.  I felt awkward and unsettled trying to relax.  The mile was a tad rolling and my pace was all over on the garmin.  I gave up looking at it and tried to hit based on effort.  Fail -- 742.  Just a bit too slow, but within my 5 second rule. 

I took my 800 meter recovery (445) to mentally settle myself and regroup for a better second mile.  Salty came up on me just before my garmin beeped and I told her what I was doing before picking it up.  She hung with me as we got to an intersection as it was turning yellow.  I picked it up not wanting to get stuck at the light and although it hurt real good I dropped a 717. 

Salty caught and passed me again on the recovery.  I was excited only one more to go and I would be on cooldown a.k.a. trot mode. 

Luckily for me a few runners had stopped to get water and when I started my third mile they were able to pull me through the first 400 meters or so before deciding to push a little harder as it felt too slow.  I was closing on Salty and she became my focus, not the hurt.  Mile 3 beeped off before I got to her in 723.  I jogged easy for my last recovery 449 before hitting the rolling hills on my way back to the bagel shop. 

My cool down was just a tad over 2 miles and I felt great.  I avg 727 for the repeats and nearly a minute less on my recoveries.  Now that's what I all progress. 

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