Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Exercise Induced Asthma you say???!!!

I finally caved after weeks of putting it off. I called an allergist/immunologist this morning. I have been wheezing and rasping so many times while running this summer that the straw that broke the camel's back had finally been laid. It happened in Lake Erie at the Tri this past weekend and then again the other night while swimming with the Walrus. I could hardly breathe. I sounded like I was running out of oxygen. So, it seems I may have a case of Exercise Induced Asthma. I am not happy about going to the doctor yet again this year. It is just going to be a pain and I know that my insurance will only cover so much. I have to take a Pulmonary Function Test first to measure my forced vital capacity. I have done this before and only the middle of my exhalation seemed low. When I am done with that I will have to go down to another office for a consult with an allergist for the results of my test. If I pass, or in my case, fail I will have to return to the Pulmonologist for more testing and then maybe a bronchodilator or inhaler. The first (2) appointments are on 8/16 and the third will depend on the results from the other (2) tests. It is always something :( If it makes me better though I will be ecstatic that I finally went and mad because I did not go sooner.

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