Saturday, March 1, 2008

Spiderwick Chronicles

Jared, Simon and Mallory of course save the world from the evil clutches of Mulgarath... pheeww!

Last night the Walrus, me and the kids hit the movie theater with our popcorn and soda around 7:25pm. The movie started with the backstory of Arthur Spiderwick and his discovery of the world of fairies and goblins. He recorded all his findings in a field guide and then sealed it up and had it hidden by his faithful friend Thimbletack, who consequently reminds me of the walrus. The movie then fast forwards to the present day which is about 80 years later.

The great-great niece and nephews Mallory, Jared and Simon are moving into Arthurs house and they immediatley discover strange things. There are eerie noises in the house, things are missing and Mallory's hair is attacked! Jared eventually finds the book and ignores the warning not to open it taped to the front cover breaking the protective spell and alerting Mulgarath and his evil goblins that the book is active again.

The children discover the new world one adventure at a time by riding a griffin, finding their great aunt, escaping from the goblins and finding Arthur Spiderwick himself. This all culminates into the head-to-head battle at the end and the coming together of the family, including their protective and loving mother.

All in all I loved the movie and so did the kids. It was captivating for the adults yet, it followed a simple enough story line for the younger children and had very memorable and magical characters.

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