Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our Days Are Numbered Ladies

E-Speed and Daisy: Enjoy the oldest and most prestigious race in the US. And if you see Lance "Hands off!!! He is mine!!" ( I am not kiddin' Daisy :)

AS1 and (the hubby): Week after week you have reached new goals with your running. You have fought off the fatigue, the weather and the injuries. Every step you take will be worth that last one you cross the finish line with. (then get your ass over to the hoot-nanny for some moonshine and toosh-pushin')

To AS2: Busting your ass and training on those hills will carry you to a PR. And all those nerves....well those make the first 5 miles go by, just like that.

To MN: The most determined red-head I have ever met. You will rock the pig! Remember it is the courage to continue that counts. You WILL do WELL!!!! I know it.

Ahh Cleveland!!!

Starting with MT: Unfortunatley for you, it is ONLY 26.2 miles so don't forget to stop after 3.5-4 hours. They will post "FINISH" signs. Love ya.

Moving on to Daisy: If your "guns" are any indication of the mental training you have been doing there will be absolutely NO stopping you.

TriSaratops: Continuing on with the LL Cool J theme: "You're gonna rock this land, you're gonna take this itty bitty world by storm And you're just gettin' warm!!!

And the wrap up: E-speed again....funny how you're last and just like in a relay the last person is the fastest (strange coincidence). Burn up the course, burn it up!! However, please note: asphalt melts at 250 degrees F and there will be many other runners behind you ;-)


TrainingtoTri said...

Ahhhh, (blushing) Beth you are such a sweetheart! Thanks for the shoutout, I am getting nervous and can't wait for it to be here! I also can't wait to read all these upcoming race recaps.

Are you ready for Cleveland yourself!?

E-Speed said...

you are a sweetie. Now I am going to feel really bad if I decide to bail on Bayshore. (long story short I didn't realize it was memorial day weekend, and also Blossom! So I will only race there if I fail to meet my goals at Boston, which we know that ain't gonna happen so I prob won't be in bayshore) I suck I know!

triguyjt said...


your countdown thingy made me realize how fast cleveland is approaching.

you should do fantastic, going by your times in other races

good luck

Julia said...

Finally found you,

Good to see you are doing well...

You should do the free indoor tri at Akron U this Sunday, I am sure you could win it. P and I will be there to start the tri season out.