Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blossom Time Report

To summarize - it was ugly.

It was a recovery week for me, but pretty much every workout this week hurt and I felt sluggish, not to mention I fell hard Tuesday and to make matters worse that woman-thing happened!! Always seems to happen when it is really fuckin' hot!!

I could tell from my warm-up I wasn't feeling too good. I had forgone eating anything because my alarm had not gone off and I wanted to be there by 8:00am. I just didn't think I would need anything for 5.25 miles. Lesson Learned *eating something before a race..anything dumbass*

I had run 7:40/mile at Maple Sap a few weeks ago and knew I was in better shape and down a few lbs., so I was hoping for 7:30-7:40 pace. When it is hot like this though, I should just NOT run.

The gun went off and I waited a few seconds to cross the line due to the enormous crowd of runners. I didn't have to fight my way through the first mile though which was a plus. I was about 2-3 minutes into the race and I felt like shit. I already wished I hadn't decided to run. My legs felt heavy and people were passing me left and right. This would become the theme for the race today.

Hit the first mile after what seemed like forever in 8:00. Ouch! Well, maybe the time delay and the crowded streets added a few seconds and my body would "wake up" and move, but it never happened. Before mile 2 I was looking for the aid station. I was hot, my stomach felt awful and my legs were very sluggish. I plodded on like a turtle, just trying not to walk off the course and say "Fuck it." Got to the aid station and took 2 cups, drank 1 and poured one on my shoulders. Mile 2 was 8:13. "Shit Heier, go home. You got nothing today!" At this point I was so pissed about the last 2 miles I started searcing for a way to make this a positive experience, but it never happened.

I just kept on going. Today I was only going to be an 8:00 minute miler. Fuck!! I was mad. I really thought I would do better, but this was not going to be my day. Mile 3 was pretty flat with some downhill and I got a 7:48. It was better than 8:00, but I knew there were more hills to come. People continued to pass me the entire race. I was running equal effort the whole way, but it seemed everyone had eaten their Wheaties, but me. All I could think was 2.25 miles and this crap is over. Mile 4, had a few more hills in it, just to ensure 8:00/miles would be a fight for me today (I think, I hate this course!!) Hit the 4th mile at 7:56, hearing the timer call sub-32 something or other. Now, I wonder was I going to run 8:00/mile or faster for 1.25. I thought, how embarassing this is, but kept up the effort. It is very disheartening to know I could have easily run sub-8:00's last fall for over 15 miles, now I can't do it for 40 minutes!! Oh God, where was the end.

Then, a guy pushing a stroller passed me on an uphill. "Grrr!! This race sucks! I suck. Where is the damn finish?" I could see the crowds in the distance and knew it was nearly over. I debated whether I was even going to pick it up for the finish, but this was a race and although I ran a terrible time, I still ran my best today. Mile 5 was 7:59. Now, if I don't blow it in .25 I can break 8's. Up ahead was my BD, owner of Achilles and he was nice enough to run with me the rest of the way. He pushed me to kick, letting me know there were a few girls coming up from behind. I really didn't want to,but I did. The heat was really taking it's toll on me and kicking was going to make me sick. I kicked and finished in 41:42 with the last 400 meteres at 1:43. PR'd by 7:35.

I walked through the very long shoot to turn in my bib, but the 2 girls that had tried to run me down jumped in front of me and tried to turn in their bib's ahead of me. I didn't care, but the official saw it and fixed it for me. "Thanks," I said. I made it through the shoot and immediately found a really nice grassy area to puke in. Threw-up about 4 times with a few dry heaves and felt much better.

I managed to snag a water, but after my awful run and puking, I just wanted to scoot, so I trudged up to my truck and headed to my parents. I am disappointed that my race time was so awful. I am disappointed I felt so sick, but I have no excuses. I ran the race I had in me today. I did not quit or give up, thought about it a lot,but kept going. But that's just me... I never quit, I never give up...ever.


Mnowac said...

oooooh that does sound like a ugly day. Put it behind you, move on, your next race will be much better!

E-Speed said...

you are so hard on yourself girl. Lots of people would kill to run sub 8s on that course. You did great. You'll get back into shape soon!

solarsquirrel said...

It was good seeing you today. I totally agree about the heat - I ran on the trails Sun. and I felt like I had heat stroke the rest of the day. You did really well for just getting back into it - don't worry about it!!

DaisyDuc said...

Yeah, been there, done that and I know that it sucks. You just got to hold your head up and know that everyone has crappy days but there are always plenty of goods ones often right around the bend!