Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Agua, H20, Lake Erie Cocktail = I need WATER!!!

Just got off work and was hoping to get in a my 2nd workout late tonight (a 5 mile tempo). I usually leave my run to the night time and get the other stuff out of the way when there are daylight hours. It's hard to swim in the dark (can't see the buoys on my parents lake) and dangerous to cycle (cars can't see my bike and I don't have lights). It seems though that even running at night may be a problem, errr well actually the entire idea of getting hot and sweaty is down right impossible now. We have no water!!

This means no showers, no flushing toilet, no drinking water, zip, zilch, nada! I have checked the local news and all I know is that it was a MAIN water break (you don't say), yes, the city and the police know about it so don't call unless you have a fire and no they don't know when the heck our water will be back on.

Dammit!!! I can't run and sleep all hot sweaty and stinky!! Yuck. I had to make the executive decision to NOT run and try to minimize the my smelliness until I can get to the gym and shower (that is if they have water) or my parents sometime Thursday.

I just hope I can stand the smell of myself for a few more hours. I am definitely a biased person...I don't like stinky people!!!

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