Sunday, December 13, 2009

Within Reach

It's almost done, my first semester of nursing school that is and I am so relieved. Definitely felt like a marathon. Sixteen long hard weeks of training. I hit the 20 mile marker around week twelve and tried to pep talk myself that I only had 10k to go. I just had to hold on for 6.2 miles (four weeks), but I struggled. There was the incident at clinicals, the make-up work and 3 weeks of back to back exams. This was on top of my regular school work and the two days of my life I lost having to completely rest as per the doctor orders. These unfavorable events hurt me pretty bad like the thrashing my quads always take in a marathon. I struggled and fought to get back on pace and made a few adjustments to not blow-up and become overwhelmed. I was just hanging in there with exams, case studies, research papers, clinicals, all of which seemed to be at a pace that would indicate a blow-up was inevitable. Somehow though, I made it and now I am just passed the 25 mile marker, where I can feel the emotions coming to the surface because I know the end is near and I did it. Those emotions that you get when your favorite song comes on and you slowly build up in anticipation for your favorite part when you can bust a move and do the running man with a little bit of the cabbage patch mixed in.

Well, in this case my finish line looks like a very tall beer and a shot of tequila. It looks like I am going to end with 3 A's and 1 B. While the B is disappointing, it is completely acceptable. I spent a lot more time running and not studying. My stress level didn't per se change, but I managed it a little better. I just have to accept that too much studying and fretting about school may be more harmful to my health than good for my GPA. Who really gives a sh*t if I had a B or an A anyway when I am looking for a job right?

So with 2 exams and one skills test tomorrow (God, please let me pick the sterile gloves and not the wet-to-dry dressing or the mixing and administration of insulin) the end is near and my one month vacation is just 4 days away.



I got the indwelling catheter in a female. Uuuggghhh, not really the one I wanted, but I PASSED!!! Just got my cumulative exam on Wednesday and my "pretend" NCLEX exam, immediately after. I am 160 questions away from my winter break...YAHOO!!


The Salty One said...

Congrats! It's always a good feeling to be on the edge of the end of the semester and it's so much like a marathon. More so than other aspects of life, even though there is a running parallel to everything :) Good luck tomorrow. I'll pray you pick the always challenging "pull off the band aid" tomorrow :)

Julia said...

Congratulations on your first semester! I know you will do great.

Hope to see you at the NYE 5K!