Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ride + Workout

Yesterday after the race and a long brunch, I knew I was full of good mojo, or maybe that was the bacon avocado burrito and hash browns.  Anyway, SBR requested that we support Ride + Workout's relay for life yesterday in Lakewood by donating $10 and sweating your arse off for an hour in one of their classes, so I headed up thinking I if my legs died I could just lower my intensity and "spin" with it for an hour.

I arrived at 1:30p on the dot and hoped they would let me sign up for their next class because I had not pre-registered on-line.  Ann, the owner stated they were just starting another class and I should just hop on right now!  She said to not even worry about the payment or paperwork until after.  She was more than accomodating and I was more than happy to oblige.  She was really great.  I ran back to the truck grabbed my gear and hopped on a spin bike.  I was sweating like crazy within minutes.  We spent a lot of time out of the saddle and I thought for certain my legs wouldn't last, that my hip flexors and quads would tighten up, but like I said I had good mojo going.  After that the instructor, had us doing sprints that were timed perfectly to some of my favorite genres of music.  The jumps sucked, because I suck at them, but they were great.  I kept thinking this is really gonna hurt tomorrow when I run 16, but I just kept on going.  I killed the the 20oz. water bottle I had with about 15 minutes left of the class, but wasn't too worried (again I had good mojo going).  Hell, I even managed to set the flywheel just right through the entire workout!!

Jill, our instructor that day by far provided me with one of the best workouts on a spin bike I have ever had.  The workout was timed perfectly to the music and the workout itself was set-up to target endurance, strength and speed without blowing the rider up in the first 15 minutes.  I am not saying I like indoor riding, because it will never compare to outside, but this lady provides hands down a workout I am willing to suffer through and maybe even enjoy...just a little.  The lady next to me asked if the workout had made me tired and if it was hard for me.  I had to laugh, of course it was!  Just because a person wears a uniform that says they are on a team doesn't mean they are A) Fast B) Have unlimited athletic ability or C) Any better than anybody else out there, of course, I guess it does make you look cool -- hahaha!

After, I donated my money and received a nice little coffe mug.  I told Ann I still needed to run 2+ miles yet that day and she said she had no problem with me leaving my gear at their studio while I went out for a run.  I ended with a little over 10 miles of running (including a 5k PR) and 1 hour of intense spinnning.  I really needed a shower, but I had no towel so I just used some of the extra clothes I had packed to dry off. 

Needless, to say I had a really great day of working out and wish Lakewood was on the eastside and that I didn't have class on Monday nights when SBR goes to Ride + Workout.  It really is a lot of fun.

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