Monday, February 7, 2011

It's Not Cancer

I can't tell anyone how relieved I am at this moment in time.  I just got home from the OB/GYN and the lump I had found last month in my left breast was just as I had suspected, hoped and prayed.  It was just some fibrous tissue.  I can feel the tears behind my eyes, the lump in my throat and the tension in my jaw as I sit here, fighting my emotions trying to type this out quick.

You never think it can happen to you.  I generally feel pretty health, but when I sat down and explained to the doc what brought me in I felt very vunlnerable and weak, knowing I wasn't invincible and I could be sick, really sick.  He did a breast exam and found the lump and told me he thought it was "nothing," but just to be safe he wanted me to have an ultrasound on it.  The ultrasound as most of you know is very quick and painless, hell the gel they used was even warm.  I watched the screen and every area on my breast looked the same.  While I am not an ultrasound technician, I can figure out that when the lumpy area looked like the rest of my breast, it was a good thing.  The doctor confirmed my unprofessional diagnosis.  I thanked him and walked out of the office knowing that for the first time in over a month I would be able to fall asleep tonight knowing that lump in my breast was not cancer.


JenC said...

Oh lord, I'm sorry you had to deal with that, but am so happy it was nothing!

TriEric said...

Whew....healthy and happy boobies are the best kind.

Did I really say that?

I mean....whew, so glad you can rest easy now.

Run like a super woman.

Trisaratops said...

OMG, Beth! I am SOOOOOO happy for you and relieved that you can rest easy now. I had no idea. Sending you big hugs.

KimZ said...

Glad you had it checked with a doc, and I'm glad you're all clear. :-)

The Salty One said...

I am just catching up now. I am so sorry I missed this and SOOOOOO glad you are ok!!!!