Friday, October 28, 2011

Round 11

After arriving home from the Columbus half Sunday, I had a whopper of a headache, my back was aching something fierce on the drive home and my legs felt like 2 rubber bands about to pop!!  I was in mint condition.  I was kind of dreading the thought of a 20-miler this week.  I was a little mentally and physically tapped out from the race and I knew it had to be done on Tues (my day off) or Friday before I went to work at 11pm.  I had to "get 'er done."

Mon: 7.6 miles (8:55/mile, roads, easy run trying to loosen up)
Tues: 13 miles (8:50/mile, long run cut short, legs were just too sore and soaked from the down pour)
Wed: OFF
Thur: 6.7 miles (3+ miles at about 7:40/mile or faster - tempo, didn't have a garmin, but knew it was a tad over 3 just to be safe)
Fri: 20.07 miles (8:52/mile, long run with lots of rollers)
Sat: OFF
Sun: OFF

Total: 47.37

It wasn't as intense of a week as I would have liked, but I kind of needed the mental down time after the race, I think.  I got the BIG run in (a.k.a. the 20-miler).  A bunch of long slow runs was actually quite enjoyable, well except when I got poured on.

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