Sunday, November 11, 2012

Let's Get It Started -- Again

Officially past the 2 week mark and stir crazy does not even come close to depicting the amount of restlessness and mild case of insanity I've acquired.

It never occurred to me that the "resting" for 2 weeks would be the most difficult part.  Thankfully, the weather broke THIS weekend and I took the Joker out for a 28 mile ride (only the second one since Rev3) and I even (wo)manned up and rode past the crash site (GULP!!)

The light was read when I got to the fateful intersection.  I spent the few minutes I had brushing away any thoughts of angst I had.  It had been a freak accident (one I never wanted to experience -- EVER).  My heart was pounding in my chest and my mouth was dry.  I took a sip from my water bottle and debated turning left, instead of going straight.  I was up in front of every car so they HAD to see me (right?) it couldn't happen again.  When the light turned green I took the path most crashed (by me) passed Mario's with no cars passing me, let alone riding a white Aztecs side panel before crashing head first into the passenger's side door and richocheting off the cement ground with my face.  Nope, I just pedaled right on by. 

When I got home I managed a 3.5 mile trot through the grass around my neighborhood with 2 sports bras (like usual) with minimal bouncing and no pain.  After 2+ hours of working out I still hadn't suffered enough, so I threw in some lunges and crunches for good measure.  A sense of normalcy, had started to return to my life. 

By The Numbers:
Bike: 28.79 miles, 1202 feet of climbing, 1:45:13 (with stops) avg 16.4 mph max HR 177, avg HR 158
Run: 3.47 miles, 32:49, avg 9:27/mile, max HR 187, avg HR 172
Wgt: 139 lbs. ( I gained about 5-6 lbs. since surgery -- grrrrrrr!!!!)

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