Monday, November 12, 2012

Smelling the Roses Ride

I had been pushing myselft, specifically my quads with lunges, squats and then the brick the day before, so I needed a recovery day.  The weather however was still beautiful and there was just no way I could pass up what could perhaps be my last chance to ride outside this year.  I have some unfortunate family stuff going on right now, but I felt a short recovery ride would help clear my head.  I quickly changed into cycling my cycling gear and my trusty steed and I set out.

I chose a flat loop that had no climbing in it and would take about 45 minutes.  The plan was to keep my heart rate under 130, but from the moment I left my house it was in the 130-140 range.  Undoubtedly, adding to the situation was my sore lady bits.  Apparently, my lady bits are just like a muscle -- can't just go out there and ride for nearly 2 hours without having some residual.  You can forget HTFU, I need to "harden the crotch up!" (HTCU!)

As I gingerly, pedaled up Glenwood I came up on a kid on his BMX bike riding on the wrong side of the road (against the traffic that is) and without a helmet.  I could only shake my head in dismay.  I whole heartedly wish there were stricter cycling laws in Ohio, especially after my own little body meets car, body meets cement episode.  To make matters worse the kid started pedaling harder trying to "race" me on his side.  I was very happy we were approaching the drug store where he was going and I was turning the opposite direction.  It's like riding and defcon 1...all the time!

I began to relax a little after about 20 minutes and my heart rate started trickling down.  I soft pedaled frequently and felt at times like I was barely moving, especially when I hit the spots with a headwind.  I tried to look around and just take in the scenery and the fresh air.  As I made my way back, I did 4 hard pushes of anywhere from 1-3 minutes at the end of my ride.  I pulled in the driveway breathing hard, sweating and de-stressed. 

By The Numbers:
Bike: 12.01 miles, Time 46:59, Avg 15.3 (with stops), Ascent 343Ft, Avg HR 143 (with pushes) 136 (without pushes), Max 182

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