Sunday, October 7, 2007

30 Already??!!!

It has finally happened. I turned 30 two weeks ago and I hate thinking I am not in the 25-29 AG anymore. I do like the fact though that most people guess my age at 25-27.

I have been so busy. But here is the shizzy.

My brother left for Mississippi on October 1st for 3 months and then to Afghanastan for a year. I miss him already and there is no address to send him stuff to available yet. I send him text's but he is very busy and I have only gotten one. I bought bands that say "Support the Toops." Everybody at work wears them and so do my parents. I try to pray for him every day. He is a soldier, but in my eyes, he is my little brother.

I moved into my new rental. It is a wash. I am happy to be on my own as I am 30, but I miss my dog and the shores and the lake. I miss a few hundred dollars every month now too (ha ha). The rental is okay. I have painted and done a few minor things to fix it up. I bought a big television, towels and everything is coming along okay. My roommates are pretty sweet. Some minor issues to work through.

My boyfriend is still wonderful. He has been helping me move my stuff and no matter what the task or activity we enjoy being in each other's company (even when painting or moving in the hot, humid heat).

I am also enjoying my Muscular Phys class and hating my immunology class. I am barely passing. It is soooo much harder than I thought. I am debating whether I should drop the class now. Oh, well we took our first test on Friday. If I got a C I will be satisfied.

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