Thursday, October 18, 2007

Piece by Piece

That's how I am going to get healthy and back into running.
Back to the doctor again for my foot, my cramps in my legs and arms and my inability to breathe when under stressful conditions.

The pain I had been experiencing in my left foot over the last few months when I get up outta bed and after a run had not gotten any better. I took off from running for 2 weeks in July hoping it would help, but it didn't. I ran the river run on September 9 and have not run since, but that didn't help either. It still HURTS!!

Got to the doc's at 2:30 and after check in found out one of the residents that was shadowing my doc was a childhood friend. She looked great and was graduating from OU with her focus in pediatrics. the doc had me take off my shoes and socks and gently pushed all around looking for tender spots. She found one very localized spot on my 3rd metatarsal. Her guess was a stress fracture, but she wanted x-rays. I walked for her to demonstrate my slighltly gimped walk and then headed over to x-ray with my paperwork. X-ray took all of about 15 minutes and then I was back in my doc's office and guess what.... NO FRACTURE!!! She explained that it should show up by now, but you never can tell with these sort of things, so she ordered an MRI which I am going to try to schedule next week.

On another note I had explained that I thought the cramping in my lower calves was due o some of the tendonitis but she thought it could be related to an iron deficiency so again I headed to another lab for a blood test (CBC, iron, ferratin).

I also found out I may have been misdiagnosed with regards to my asthma. Asthmatics have trouble getting the air out, but I have trouble getting the air in and the inhaler has not been effective. My doc once again made an attempt to fix me by stating that I may have vocal cord syndrome in which the vocal cords close upon inhalation and air can't get in!! Now that sounds more like it. She wrote me a script to go see a speech pathologist that takes only 1 trip to her office to fix it!! I am in for that. I see RECOVERY in my future.

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