Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Miracle of Love

The couple above is Herman & Roma. He was a prisoner in a Jewish Camp and she would bring him an apple every day to eat until one day he told her he would be moved to another prison camp and to come no longer. Four hours before he was to enter the gas chamber at the new camp Russians liberated the camp and he was freed. He went to America upon his release and 14 years later went on a blind date. The woman told him how there was a boy she would bring an apple at a camp. He realized he was THAT boy and she was THAT girl. He immediately proposed to her and 64 years later still thanks her for bringing him food and for being with him. There love is as strong as ever.

I watched this on Oprah today and could not believe what a wonderful story this was. It made me smile from my heart to my lips. Hope this does the same for everyone else too.

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