Thursday, November 1, 2007

Things I Love About the TRI...

1. The black numbers on my skin letting me know today, I am a competitor

2. The Big A$$ gatorade bottle at the transition zone!!

3. Knowing I am most competitive with my old man in the water (GO TURTLES!! YAY)

4. The way the sun looks above the water in the early a.m. from the shore

5. The tightness in my stomach pre-race that lets me know I am gonna push hard today

6. The big huge transition, start and finish inflatables

7. The awesome volunteers

8. The calmness I feel when it's me and the water

9. The lactate building up in my legs on the bike, knowing I have to run yet

10. Washing my feet in the bucket to get all the sand off after I get done with the swim

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