Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Confucius Says...

"Change comes from within...."

I don't know when it happened or why but I am trying to step up to the plate. I want to be the best person I can be in all aspects of my life (and I can't really figure out why, but maybe it will continue to add to my happiness, or it will insure my place in heaven, or someone else will have a better life because of me... I don't know).

This is a tr/running blog so here is the "rundown"

1. We have started recycling. We have a blue bag for plastics and glass and a brown box for paper products.

2. I am donating all my "acceptable" running shoes to warrenstriderstrackclubinc and to Warren gives them to other people and Nike uses them for athletics and playground surfaces. I think that is so neat.

3. My grandfather was diagnosed with lymphoma a few months ago and has been putting up one hell of a fight and in his honor I am going to run the Cleveland Marathon to raise money for Team IN Training I have registered for the full, but I have done that the last 2 years and had to drop to the 1/2 due to injury or under training. This will hopefully keep me on track.

I know it is only 3 things but every time I try a "BIG" thing I get overwhelmed and it doesn't work or I only do it half ass. Life is too short I need to be all I can be in this life.

On another note. Training is not very in depth, but it is still on the go. I am struggling with my anemia a bit. I have had a few cramps and my RLS is back. I am hoping it is caused by my dehydration lately. I haven't had any alcohol in 3 days and am trying to down a around 30-40oz of water a day or more. I am not really that thirsty, but my body needs it.

I started lifting this week and I actually liked it. Yea, I liked it. I even called my dad at the last minute and told him I wanted a weight set. My goal is to gain stronger legs for running and cycling which should equal faster times and just to get cut and drop off some of this pudge I have acquired. Swimming has been nil this week. I have not made it up to the Y, because we haven't changed to a family membership and I feel bad not paying. I might have gone today if I hadn't slept all morning and missed the lap swim time. Cycling is picking up. I am working on frequency more than seat time as my butt can only handle about an hour max right now. I bought some movies in hopes of distracting me from the time and to help keep my head up. It is bad form to look down and I do that on my bike when I get tired or antsy. Running, running, running,....still haven't hit the bug yet. Hoping to get it before the big snow hits and I don't want to go outside. I still am only at 10-20 miles a week. Soon here it will change whether I like it or not. Active recovery is nice, but only a few more weeks and I will have to start training if I am to make it to Cleveland and my first HIM.

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