Sunday, December 30, 2007

Good Old Fashioned Hardcore Training

I have run 4 times this week. The most in 3 weeks and I hit nearly 19 miles in 4 runs, so things are going well. I don't follow a training schedule yet, nor do I feel pressure to run, just doin it to do it.
Today we went to tht 'Grin (North Chagin that is). I hit my usual birdie/bridle/castle loop in 42:24 (about 5 miles) and then a cool-down for 19:50 (about 2 miles). My legs are definately shot after all this running and lifting, but I am sooooo pumped. Tomorrow though I better take a day off. I really want to run, but I need to hit some cycling and the Tri Club needs everyone to swim about 6 miles between now and tomorrow night and yes some people like JT are crazy enough to do it! I wish her the best of luck. I might go for 5000m, or maybe none who knows. I could break it up and swim 2000m in the am and go back in the afternoon. I just don't know if I will be able to move my shoulders any time after that.
After the run we grabbed a quick bite to eat at Bruegger's Bagels. I love the Western with eggs, bacon, cheese, peppers and chipotle sauce. We got to see the headmaster who is moving to Colorado for a sweet job in July. He gave me a good pep talk about going after the dreams you want no matter what the cost, and I mean cost literally. School is going to make me way more than broke if I follow this dream of mine. Anyway, we hurried home to change into swim gear and hit the pool for 2000 meters of swim drills. It was nice, nothing to taxing, but the pool is overheated for long swimming and I always, always get nauseated, although this time it wasn't nearly as bad as it has been and it passed fairly quickly I am pretty sure it is because I ewas taking breaks between drills. I am sure I will be soar again tomorrow, but that makes me feel good. It means I am challenging myself with my workouts and I WILL get stronger.

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