Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Hey Man, Nice Shot"

Is just not an acceptable thought in my head right now as I have 11 measly days of school left until graduation!!!  The long road within the never ending tunnel of darkness has come to an end.  I can see the light. 

I finally got out for a few runs to counteract my sluggish, defeatest attitude the last few weeks.  I am moving at the speed of a true turtle, especially with the additional poundage nursing school afforded me, but it's better than sitting on my bed with my laptop for countless hours trying to do, well you know, all that stuff that has kept me from triathlon and running and stressed me the heck out for the last 15 months!!

I feel very removed from my friends and the endurance world right now.  Everyone is talking of big dreams and goals for the upcoming year.  I am starting to enjoy my runs here and there again, but the idea of racing and "training" is so much for me.  I feel like Maverick from "Top Gun" right now.  I have lost the edge.  My motivation to run is there, but to compete and all that jazz, yuck!  I just pushed myself through nursing school and realized I am ready to decompress not re-compress with a new stressors.  Hopefully, my racing motivation will return by April 18, 2011.

Over the last few weeks, I have really cut back on my studying, tried to go to bed earlier and myabe even sneak in a few extra minutes of fun.  I have slowly started to realize somethings in my life must change.  I am so excited to become a nurse and get a job, hopefully in oncology.  I still have my work cut out for me with finals in 2 weeks and the infamous NCLEX exam for licensure, before it's official but I am definitely ready for this challenge!!  I just can't see myself failing, so I say bring it!!  I worked too hard for this one and I know I can do this :)

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