Friday, June 29, 2007

Back in the Saddle

As things have been very hectic I have not been as diligent with regards to this blog. I am currently missing blogs for ...

a) Willoughby Hills Du
b) Adam's Birthday Surprise Party
c) The Double Drop Falls
d) Tequila - No Te kill ya Night
e) Race Report for the not so Most Excellent Run 10K

Check that, they are not missing. They just don't exist yet. Ahhhh and with July (the month of 5 milers and the brink of marathon training about to begin I am in for hectic x 2!!!

I had one week of craziness with (4) races and (4) PR's followed by a week of easy easy training in which my butt barely got out of bed, followed by a crappy race and then 3 days of partying with only 2 days of cycling, although it was quality cycling and now I have turned over what appears to be a new leave.

I cycled in the afternoon for about 1:10:09. I did about 40 minutes at a decent pace and 30 for warm-up and cool-down. Around 9:00p.m. I hit a short swim until it was too dark to swim anymore and then transitioned into a short run around the shores until natured called. I made a decision to just run a loop to my house stop off in the bathroom for about 2 minutes, yes I timed it and then run for about 13 more minutes back to my truck.

Took my 3rd shower that day and felt happy about getting back on the horse. We do have a 5 miler in Canton on the 4th of July, but I am concerned about the Lorain Tri we are doing on the 8th. Clay's Park was not a good swim and I have refused to allow myself to bonk before I hit T1. Dr. J. did her Ironman, I can surely do a sprint....

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