Thursday, June 14, 2007

Where I belong

Perhaps I am now just beginning to understand the value of crosstraining. I have been injured on and off since my marathon last year with pulled and torn muscles, tendonitis and just plain slow recovery from workouts. However; I have cut my mileage significantly. I am only running about 3x a week and maybe 20 miles if I am lucky. Needless to say the sharp stabbing pains I was having everday have been reduced to nagging reminders that last about a minute in the morning. I have added a couple hours of cycling to my regiment be it on the trainer or outside. I have also discovered I am more like a drowning rat than a turtle in the water and have opted to swim in the open water here at home instead of the pool. I am hoping it will better simulate a tri and help me relax in the water and keep my rythm.

I have always wanted to focus more on my tri workouts anyway, but I really wanted to get faster and qualify for Boston this year too. I guess what works for others is not what will be working for me. I have tried to stick to my schedule from last season, but I wasn't getting faster and when I tried a new plan with higher mileage my injuries flared up. I am still getting in the mileage I want as long as I equate a 1/4 mile swim to a 1.5 mile run and 2-3 miles of biking is about 1 mile of running. I am feeling stonger and I have lost 10-12 lbs. I would like to lose a minimum of 5 more pounds and add in some yoga.

This plan seems to be working as I did indeed PR last night in my 5k and not by a little. I unofficially beat my time by about 30 seconds. That is later to come in my Flag Day 5K race report though. There is a quote I like that says "if what your doing works, great, but if not change it." I have had to change my training a lot this season, but maybe now with some fine tuning I will be able to rundown that sub 24:oo minute 5K and qualify for Boston. The road ahead doesn't look very hard. It looks like the next step up from that!

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