Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Hero

This is the man. I love this show. I love this character. My mom got me hooked on the show a few years ago when it first came out and I haven't stopped watching since. I even spent last year taking a pool from my college buddies what kind of doctor he was. Some suggested a neurologist or an immunologist, but after thinking about it I had perked up their curiousity and had to resort to looking it up on-line. Turns out his is a diagnostician with a team that involves and surgeon, neurologist and an immunologist.
Not only do I find his inappropriate and outlandishly witty comments hilarious, but the way this characters mind is set to not only think outside the box, but to just BE outside the box is refreshing. He is so unique in his approach to diagnosis of his patients I can only envy him. Self-sacrifice is not in his vocabulary, yet he works in the medical field where he spends hours helping people. He even has a motorcycle and a crotch-rocket at that.
He does however, have that gloom and doom trait that all heroes carry which keeps him from finding happiness and inevitably leaves him alone with his bike at the end of the day.
I guess what I am getting at is, sometimes I wish I was that intelligent and that tough throughout my life and my day, even at the cost of my own personal relationships. I sometimes think that life would be so much easier if it were just me and my bike.

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