Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Who Said 300 Miles to Graceland!!!???

The weather has been officially rocking in my book the last (2) days and I haven't done any training. Yep, that's right, the weather breaks and I do nothing.

After a successful monster training month for me in January I have now set bigger goals with (2) less days in this month of February.

Swim ~ at least (2) days a week, focus is on form
Bike ~ 300 miles for the month (did I set that goal, what?)
Run ~ originally it was 113 miles for the month, but my left arch is soar and I am not going back on the DL list so it has been reduced to 100 with super EZ runs when needed.

All that said I took yesterday off and haven't made it off the couch today. I am hoping for an EZ 3-4 miles running and 20 or so biking today. The weather is so nice I have to go outside by default whether I am scheduled to run or not.

This Sunday is my longest run yet at 14 hilly miles. I am doing it with the Achilles people so hopefully I am well rested and ready. I feel stronger than ever and with the DD unofficially being 6.5 I feel even better knowing I was moving at sub-9:00/mile for a trail run. Maybe I am just fooling myself this year, but I truly feel I am going to make great improvements.

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