Thursday, May 13, 2010

What to do? What to do?

It's over.  It's really over!  I am half way done with this accelerated nursing program.  I finished my last final at midnight last night for genetics.  My grades have gone in the crapper, but I am passing. 

Pediatrics - C (teachers thought maybe I had a learning disability and suggested it had to be my fault my grades along with many had severely truncated from medical-surgery in the previous semester)
OB - B (although it was really fun and I learned a lot, there were only 2 exams and only 2 got an A on the first exam and no one, I repeat no one got an A on the second exam). 
Pharmacology - B (never showed up to class except for a test after the first two weeks; I got a 91/105 on the final and only studied for 3 hours because all my time went into my OB exam - plus I know my drugs, so studying was minimal)
Genetics - B (I didn't learn much as the class seemed too disorganized and answers with rationals were never posted, so I have no idea what I missed!)

My GPA has dropped to 3.15 (ewwww!).  That is the lowest it's ever been (sigh).  I am hoping things will turn around this summer for me, but I am extremely fearful as I have 17 credits!!  It is going to be intense! 

I have all but resolved myself to put running and triathlons out of my mind after this weekend.  I thought I could do it, but I am so broke and the idea of trying to train and work with my schedule is impossible.  I am going to get my few races in to make the quota for SBR, but that's it.  I can't force myself to spend money on races I am going to suck at.  I just want to train as a break from school work, not as a necessity for a race. 

I need to get my GPA back up (or at least try).  I applied for a tuition assistance program with a possible employer for my last semester at KSU.  The employer gives you $5k each semester and then every year you work for them it forgives the $5k, plus you have a job.  It may not be exactly where I want to start, but in this economy it is a job and I will take it!

I think ultimately, I am going to try and get into OB in a hospital or even a place like Plan Parenthood.  Although, I thought this would be the end of my scholarly years, I think I will continue my education after a year or two of working as an RN and going to school for my master's as a nurse practitioner or a certified nurse midwife.  I am certain if either of my parents read this they will be groaning and thinking "not another degree!"  -- But I can't help myself!  I am an addict, I guess.

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The Salty One said...

Become a midwife! You'd be excellent. Maybe if I decide to change careers you can funnel clients to my doula practice :)

If you have some time and want to hook up for a run before I'm not running I'd love it! If not, I completely understand. Bummer about summer training, but totally understandable. I think I ran twice while I was in law school. You gotta do what you gotta do :)