Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Sunday "Fringe" Ride

It is admittedly true that I have been living for my Sundays and sunny skies, just so I can get out for my weekly bike ride (I usually run too, so I guess it's really a brick). Either way the amount of exhaustion or pain I feel during the workout is a far cry from that of the pain my school work brings me. I am elated too that I can endure a 3-4 hour workout still. This week the ride was just a tad shy of 2 hours with about an hour running.

I headed out east on Pettibone Road and ended up in some podunky area and came upon this!!!

What in the heck was it? Had someone genetically crossed a zebra and a bull?

Then right after I saw that,I saw this ...

I felt like it had turned it's head to look right at me. I gulped and pedaled on hoping I was not going to be unknowingly completing the trilogy series for the "Wrong Turn" movies. What was wrong with a normal scarecrow's head?

As I quickly pedaled away I could only wonder, did Northeast Ohio have it's own Walter Bishop?

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