Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bleeding Hearts

Boy did I hit a nerve today at clinicals. 

It is inevitable that working in the healthcare field is going to bring up the problem of healthcare reform.  While I usually try to play devil's advocate or take an opposing side just for the sake of argument, today it happened because I can't stand the sympathetic, pity party for sooooooo  many who don't deserve it. 

It seems the majority of my classmates believe that ALL people in the United States should get equal healthcare.  I don't quite feel that way.  I believe that since healthcare is tied to income, those who have jobs and pay for it should be allotted healthcare and those who are unemployed, having unprotected sex and having unplanned pregnancies are shit out of luck.  I am a firm believer in Darwinism.  If it comes down to providing food clothing and money for my kid or giving it to someone else's kid because they can't too freakin' bad.  If all these bleeding hearts want to adopt a person without healthcare or a family fine, but don't force me to follow the rules, pay for my healthcare and then charge me money for those who don't. 

I would be all for healthcare for all people if it wasn't a "throw money at the problem" solution.  I believe education, health promotion and disease prevention are key, but not an allowance. (hence my decision to work in the field of nursing -- perhaps I will move to Oregon and do assisted suicide --LOL) 

I see healthcare as a priviledge, not a right.  Why should a smoker or a person that goes to McDonald's everyday and makes poor food choices be given the same healthcare as me?  Both are risk factors for higher inicidences of many diseases.  Why should some homeless bum who spends her life doing drugs and drinking receive healthcare when she gets pregnant?  It is her mistake hence, her problem!  Abortion is a couple hundred bucks.  I would much rather give her the money for the abortion, than pay for her and her kid.  Lets face it, the kid will probably not be that special one that does anything with his or her life anyway (Birds of a Feather...).  And don't give me that "the Lord wanted me to have a baby" garbage, because I didn't get the message from Him that said I had to pay for it!!  Survival of the fittest, if you can't protect yourself and your young...SEE YOU! 

If two kids were dying and both needed a heart transplant, but there was only one heart and you paid into the healthcare system for you and your child all your life and some ghetto-ass, drug addicted mom brought in her baby for the same heart, do you really think that is fair?  I know it's not the child's fault but I refuse to allow the government to make me responsible for a mistake (having unprotected sex), that was followed by another mistake (having the baby) because these people don't believe in birth control or abortion. 

Our society is irresponsible and indulgent.  Americans, can't control money, can't control their diet and they can't control their sexual urges it seems.  We need to teach people discipline, refrain and control while educating them and empowering them to take responsibility for their lives and the lives of their children, not say "oh, it's okay, somebody out there worked really hard and can throw money at the problem for you!  Don't worry, you can continue to be a total fucking loser and never be held accountable.  It's not your fault." 
(I know there are a exceptions to the rule and some people who lose their jobs and are trying.  A system that helps them would be awesome to be in place, but these other people = Be Gone!

Cardiac rehab showed me the unwillingness of so many to change their diet (high fat, high salt, obesity) and lifestyle habits (stress, smoking, inactivity).  I work with a bunch of single moms who worry more about where they are going out after work ends then getting home to their kids.  They all know better, but they don't care and I am suppose to care?

Give me a fucking break!!  Take some responsibility!! Grow up!! 

Our healthcare system is the Titanic. We are sinking and we do not have enough life boats. We are not all gonna make it.


Anonymous said...

I like this--a lot. When resources, healthcare and otherwise, become more scarce (and they will), I think more and more people will adopt similar views.

The Salty One said...

My sister works very hard and doesn't have health insurance. What's she supposed to do? She has a debilitating knee injury and we're trying to figure out how she can find affordable treatment. At least it's just her knee and not a brain tumor or something.

You know I could go on and on about this. I am not an idiot bleeding heart, but the problem is very complex. I really think it's a sad sad world when $$ buys you health. I think everyone has a right to have the option to be healthy. If everyone has equal access to healthy lifestyle choices then sure, screw 'em if they make bad choices. But unfortunately that's just not the case.

Not to mention there are an awful lot of health problems that afflict people regardless of the choices they make. And then who decides where the line is about judging someone's lifestyle for whether they're worthy of treatment?

I'm all for personal responsibility. Truly, but this issue involved way more stuff that that. It's complicated! And fascinating!