Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby Steps and Strokes

So, I took my final today in Gerontology and had to get 55/90 to pass, as always I am worried I will fail and am out of the program. I have another final tomorrow I have yet started studying for in Community Health and a 20 page research paper due by midnight on Wednesday of which I have 2 pages done. I didn't procrastinate. I literally ran out of time and after 40+ hours of nursing, nursing, nursing it is useless anyway to try and do anything.

I tried to study all day yesterday, but after 4 hours I needed a break so I got in a little run(2 miles)- ride(16 miles) - run(2 miles). It helped refresh me and I managed another 5 hours before falling asleep listening to my teacher drone on and on about gastritis, cirrohsis, Crohns, yadda, yadda...zzzzzzzzzzz...

I swam for the first time since January or December. I managed a little over 20 minutes in the lake and avoided any snapper attacks. I was really pumped I was able to maintain my breathing the entire time. I was expecting to be out of breath about 5 minutes in, but pacing was right on, course I don't know what the distance was. My arms paid the price though as they are still sore today. Reminds me of a workout I did with Daisy once where my arms hurt for almost a week! I think I doubled the size of my traps with one swim. My core was tight too from trying to hold my body in good alignment (like I am a car or something). Hopefully, I am not way far off from my swim times last year and it will come back to me quickly with more open water time.

The volume and the intensity are lacking in my workouts, but they are "workouts" and I am not completely sedentary yet!

Last week I was so swamped with school and work while doing an intervention on childhood obesity at Ravenna City Park I took it upon myself to play a pick-up game of full court basketball with 3 boys about 10-12 years of age, just to get in some exercise that week. I got the chubby kid, but we crushed the other two! HA!!! This old lady has still got some skillz and I even made it a point to pass on shots, so the chubby kid could shoot. I did need an "old persons" time-out though. I was sucking air like a MO-FO' sprinting up and down the court, so different than endurance sports.

A few more days and the workouts should pick back up as I only have to go to campus and clinicals 3 days a week!!!

I really hope this is the worst week (last week) of training I have for the rest of the summer.

Swim - 20 mins (1 swim hopefully 1000 yds???)
Bike - 16 miles (only 1 bike)
Run - 10 miles

Itis so PATHETIC!!! It makes me wanna do something gung-ho and bold, errr, I mean stupid.

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