Thursday, December 9, 2010

Last Days

It hasn't set in at all that today was my last clinical ever, before I become an RN, barring failing any exams (actually I could fail and still pass, unless it was an extremely low grade).  Every patinet I had in critical care with the exception of one was intubated and none had made it off the vents when I cared for them.  I had a patient a few weeks ago that respiratory therapy attempted a wean test with (usually lasts about 30 minutes), but she failed within 10 minutes.  Today, my patient for the first time in my critical care history ... PASSED!  I took that as a good sign for not only him, but for me. too.  He had been taking quite a bit of the Michael Jackson juice (Propafol/Dipravan) as I have so fondly been calling it and when I stopped the pump, called out his name and gave him a firm sternal rub he could barely open his eyes.  However, when I reported off a little before 1pm he was extubated, had a venti mask on and was turning his head to the left and right.  What a fighter!!!  Hell Yeah!!

Tomorrow, I have my very last class from 9-1p and testing from 1-3p, but you can bet your candy canes I wont be going down until noon or so.  I have one final project due by midnight tomorrow that's pretty much all wrapped up.  I look back now at all I have learned and I still feel like I don't know anything.  It's rumored it can take up to 2 years to feel  comfortable on the floor -- yikes! 

In other related news, I nominated my precpetor for an excellence award as a leader in nursing and lo' and behold I received an email stating ..... "thanks for nominating so and so.  Your nominnee passed all the necessary criteria and will be honored at a semiformal dinner celebration."  She hands-down deserved the award and so much more in my opinion.  I don't think I could ever thank my preceptor enough for all she did to guide me as a soon-to-be new nurse. 

The entire nursing school experience was much more difficult than I had ever thought it would have been.  I generally am not an overconfident person, and when it came to academics I never worried.  This program has really knocked me down a notch or ten, but it's also opened my eyes to critical thinking and application on a whole new level. 

This program has afforded me the opportunity to meet twenty-nine peopleI will never forget and miss dearly.  We have worked together, studied together, and even cried together, but all those times don't even come close to how much we have laughed together.  I know they will all be very successful in their nursing careers.

 On Wednesday, if I haven't said it before I am scheduled for my last exam.  It ends at 12:30pm and when I walk out of Henderson Hall it will be for the last time. 

I will have victoriously crossed another finish line.


KimZ said...

You can SEE the finish line! :)

TriEric said...

Congratulations. I have enjoyed reading your posts about your trials and tribulations.

Think of it like an Ironman. Anything is possible once you put your mind to it. And you have reached this finish line and should be proud of it.

If I need a nurse I know who to ask for.