Monday, December 13, 2010

Ice Road Trucker

It seems my third degree is gonna take a little longer than I had hoped (bummer).  It would figure that of the three final exams I have scheduled this week they would be at the beginning of the week when all snow, had broken loose!  I prayed they wouldn't be canceled since KSU's contingency plan was to reschedule them for the week of Christmas -- What kind of present is that??!! 

I left for my first final around 9:00 am and drove at most 30 mph, since the "snow governor" on my truck wouldn't go any faster. Oh and did I tell you the doors were all frozen shut and my dad  had to jimmy the door open with a crow bar.  It wasn't too bad, except when I would try to get going from a dead stop, then the back end would just fish tail left and right with only a little forward momentum, until I gassed it a bit.  Kent was a disaster.  The snow was coming down so hard it looked like white rain and two of the main roads onto campus were closed.  I detoured over to the northeast end of campus only to find a car in the ditch and myself going down a hilll in the middle of a traffic jam.  Impatient, young and not so bright college students were pulling into a nearby parking lot to turn around.  I left space in front of my truck so they could pull back out, but cars started going around me thinking they were just gonna cut in front of me and wait in traffic.  I was completely irritated and ready to get out of my truck and hit the a-holes in the face with a snowball or take my truck and tap their back ends into the ditch, but people are idiots and even worse in bad weather, so I just honked hoping they would realize they had cut me off and blocked people from being able to pull out.  Thankfully, they all got the picture and pulled into the parking lot themselves so cars could get out.  It took me about 15 minutes to go 1 stupid mile, but I made it for my first final -- Whew!! 

My final went off without a hitch and as I was leaving I got an email stating all classes were canceled for the remainder of the day.  I hurried to my truck thinking..."I gotta get the hell out of here!!"  I took the main roads home (i.e. 261N and 43N), but when I got into Streetsboro I could see a line of cars slowly going up a hill.  Great, my truck doesn't do slow uphills in the snow.  I slowed as much as I could at the base of the hill before trying to rush up it, but no dice.  My truck was succumbing to the snowy kryptonite.  As I slowed, my back end started sliding toward the ditch and no matter what I did it just kept going the wrong way.  Arrrrggghhh!!!!  This was the most frustrating drive in all the years I have had my truck. Usually, I can handle my truck in the snow, but I was losing ground -- literally.  I hit the brakes and stopped trying to fight the slide for a second when this crazy broad in a van decided while I was trying to avoid and accident and getting stuck she would go around me.  Enter full on slaught of Road Rage:  I yelled "WTF are you doing, you dumb broad?"  She of course couldn't hear me, but she did smile and wave as she passed.  All I could do was mutter the words "complete idiot" under my breathe. 

I pulled my foot off the brake and hammered the gas.  It went straight, but I was diagonal and went toward oncoming traffic. I managed to get the truck back in the appropriate direction after a second and minus having to pull over to clean the ice off my windshield at the next gas station, I made it home without further mishap. 

I had a final tomorrow, but thankfully KSU smartened up and canceled it, until either Thursday or Tuesday of next week.  While I am not happy my last day at Henderson Hall wont be this Wednesday, I am quite glad I wont have to drive in this snow tomorrow.  The bright side of this extended, unfinished business is I get at least one extra day to study for psych.

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