Friday, January 14, 2011

The Next Chapter: See You Soon

When I last left my blog I was at the pinnacle of my stress level.  However, a canceled final with the option to take the average of your test scores and a few weeks of working like 35-40 hours after finals and I managed to

a) Graduate
b) Make the $450 (cash or money order only) for my review class

I felt it necessary to "get away" from the books and blogging to allow myself a re-load of some sorts before starting this promising new phase of my life.  I am still thinking "next semester" thoughts, only to remind myself a minute later -- there is no next semester, you are done, but that will fade. It seems so strange that I have been going to school since 2005 and in that time gotten (2) bachelors degrees and (1) masters and now that chapter has ended. 

I promised myself, I would study diligently for my state boards and build up my mileage again in preparation for my 5th marathon, but both are not quite where I had planned them to be.  Although, I told my employer I would be leaving him here in the next few weeks, he seems to have decided to get as many hours out of me as possible, thwarting my efforts to study and run in favor of asking how a guest would like their steak cooked and refraining from walking out because as a whole our restaurant lacks accountability from the management on down (which completely frustrates and annoys me, as a person with a self-diagnosed obsessive-compulsive personality disorder). My sanity clings to the thought of, "a few more weeks and then I am done with this."

As for my review class it is exceptionally informative and funny.  My instructor is 110% NO BS.  She tells the most ridiculous stories to help us remember drugs, diseases and treatments we will need to not necessarily be a good nurse, but to pass the NCLEX exam.  My homework includes 530 questions every week with stacks of handouts, which will put me pretty near the recommended 3,000 that should be done before taking the boards. 

As for my board exam, well of course KSU's administration who set unrealistic goals and deadlines for us dragged their feet "because of snow days" and submitted our graduation work to the state late (Uuggghh, one last thing to add to the pile of things KSU did to piss us off).  I am very excited to be done with that place.  If and when I go back for my masters in nursing, it certainly will not be there.  I did however, sign up for my test and am keeping it a secret from the world, so don't ask. 

Running has been slow, but progressive and my weight has come down about 3lbs.  My aunt even came out on New Years and was able to run 8 miles with me and my running club, followed by some mimosas and a kick ass runner's breakfast at FDs.  The weekly mileage is only hanging in the 30s, but on a positive note I have found new uses for a golf ball that has minimized the discomfort in my left hamstring, calf and foot.  Mornings are always a test the first few steps as I walk gingerly until I can assess the damage from the day before. 

Boston is less than 100 days away and I very excited to go with the e-speed, BB and JP.  My team (mom and aunt) will be traveling separately, but will be there nonetheless.  My mom has been at the starting line of every one of my marathons.  The first one (Akron) she was not quite at the level of a hot mess, but she was a bit teary eyed and emotional, right before I left.  I told her I would "see her soon" to try and calm her down and although she is much more composed and focused on getting me focused now-a-days, I still always say it before I cross the starting line. It's funny how I used to give her a 20 minute window of when and where I would be at a certain mile and she would just watch expectantly.  Now, she gets updates on her cell and knows my splits almost better than me.  It's my hope one day that I am the one standing with the cell phone watching her splits and trying to not to pull my hair out as she leaves the starting line and tells me "I will see you soon."

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KimZ said...

What a whirl-wind of activity - good luck on those boards!