Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bet You Didn't Know

As you can see this is a down week for me from, well everything and boy did I need it.  It has allowed me more time to blog and surf the internet and study.  I found out some interesting things...

  • 1) Josh Cox ran the P.F. Chang's Arizona Marathon and just kept on going to break his American Record in the 50k.  He ran a 2:17:xx before tacking on another 4 miles to set a new record in 2:43:xx. 
  • 2)  Kara Goucher is only 3 months post baby and ran the 1/2 marathon there in 1:14:xx and some change to complete her fourth 100 mile week in preparation for Boston.  She didn't win, but still 1:14 is crazy fast.
  • 3) Sammy Wanjiru supposedly assaulted his wife with an AK-47.  Wow, that's some severe domestic violence.  Not impressed, he should have gone for a run to cool off. 
  • 4) Kate Bevilaqua beat Rebekah Keats at Ironman Western Australia on her hands and knees.  Makes me cramp up just thinking about how much it takes to keep going.  You can watch it here...

Learn something new everyday. 

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