Monday, January 31, 2011

On Guard

After, my long run, three glasses of wine and some nachos Saturday night I felt less than motivated to drag myself out for another run Sunday. 

I spent a large part of the morning reviewing notes for my boards and watching the Houston Marathon live on-line.  It wasn't very interesting and it looks like one of the girls who was trying to qualify for the trials had a mishap somewhere between 25k and 30k and dropped.  I don't know her story yet because she hasn't updated her blog and neither has her friend who ran in the half marathon championship the day before.  I hope she takes another crack at an OTQ.  She certainly has the talent to run a sub-2:46!! 

Anyway, back to my "On Guard" story.  Well, finally around 1500 I got my lazy ass out the door for a little over 5 pokey miles.  My legs were fatigued as they should be, but nothing to stop me from an enjoyable recovery run, except for the ski boot. Yeah, the first mile felt like I had a ski boot on my left foot.  My achilles and the plantar fascia that run along the underside of my foot were tighter than they had ever been.  I sighed, this wasn't going to be easy getting ready for Boston on any fronts.  I was going to have to watch my foot very carefully. 

Speaking of guards and protection, I sometimes forget how much nursing info has been ramrodded into my head and how many others have been spared the system overload, however it does have its perks at times.  I found myself laughing hysterically the other night when A explained to me he needed a good insurance plan because he was now 40 and he didn't want something to happen to his weaponary, manhood etc...(i.e. testicular cancer).  The thing is men are most at risk for testicular cancer between the ages of 15-40 when their testosterone levels are highest.  I explained this to him and he sighed, a little relieved.  I then proceeded to tell him, now he had to watch his "shield" and defend his land/territory as he was now at greater risk for prostate cancer.  He wasn't too happy, of course I am not sure if that was because he was really worried about cancer or if it's the thought of a rectal exam -- FUN! FUN!

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TriEric said...

You always crack me up.

A is just getting to be an old man.

Keep on running girl.

Oh...and the Games magazine comment brought back some good memories of that publication.