Monday, January 24, 2011

Running Regular...Boring....

I started this blog to log racing and running experiences, but when it only gets a small portion of my life if any, often I find I have nothing really to say about it.  The other part of it is, I find myself infatuated with some of the information I have learned in school (Solar  and Spiderman would be so proud of my nerdiness). 

Running has been very consistent the last month.  I have managed 5-6 runs per week hitting 115 miles so far this month.  I am over the whole, "Uuugghh, I wish it were a rest day.  My legs are sluggish.  When will I be pumped about training again?"  It passed about two weeks ago, so it took about 3-3.5 weeks to work the run lag out of my legs and the motivation back into my body.  The foot and calf are still manageably uncomfortable, but usually the pain subsides after the first or second mile.  I just came off a recovery week of 26.30 miles as per the garmin, so we will see how the next cycle goes.

My long runs have not been going as well as I had hoped.  Last year, when I started training for Cleveland I had three months of base training, for Boston this year, I got two weeks.  I keep trying to view it as a challenge, but once I have reached a new tier of accomplishment in any area of my life it's always difficult for me to go back and not have those same higher expectations.  It could just be that it is colder and windier than last year or maybe I am turning into a pansy...Nahhhh!

I have no time goal for Boston at this stage in the game.  It's too early for me to tell with only a two hour long run.  I don't want to push myself and get injured (or more injured), but I don't want to be a sloth and slack off, only to set myself up for a time that I should have and could have easily bettered had I pushed a little harder in training. 

I still have plenty of pounds to remove before Boston too.  I have been eating like a line backer the last week!!  Damn those drumsticks!!

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