Friday, January 21, 2011


I did it!!  After a little more than 6 years at the restaurant I wrote up my resignation two weeks ago notifying them of my last day.  I am a little sad, but extremely excited.  Some things that I just wont miss...

Crappy tippers -- I have never really discussed tipping on my blog, but before I stop serving here is my $0.02.  I approve of most of my friends tipping, but some are completely awful!  The going rate for good service is at least 18%.  If you can't tip don't go out to eat.  Servers make $3.50/hour + tips and then tip-out 2.25% at our restaurant, so if some table comes in has a $100 check and leaves $5.00, I just made $2.75 after tip-out.  If you stiff me, I am in the hole $2.25 and it costs me to come to work!!  I have people tell me all the time they are crappy tippers and I tell them that's fine because I give crappy service.  Ask yourself: How would you feel if someone was messing with your money?  Would you laugh at the funny joke?  No, so don't expect me to either. 

Unprofessionalism -- All the servers, that yell at each other, refuse to help out and do their assigned work, well I say be gone, bye bye, I wont miss you!  I often think that if I was too lazy to change IV tubing or an IV itself in the hospital, I would hands down lose my job.  That's how it is at work.  I wont miss how the bartender is married with 2 kids and sleeping with a server who has her own kid or all the people that have DUIs and have no money for rent because they spent it at the bar! 

Improperly cooked food -- I wont miss how ticket times get up to 25-30 minutes when we are busy and guests want us to give them a free meal.  "Jesus people!  We are busy!!  We can only fit so many steaks on the grill."  Also, when we tell you the steak will be a warm-red, HELLO, there will be blood.  A sirloin "well done, not burnt" will not be juicy.  You got the cheapest steak, because it is the cow's ass, of course it will be tough.

Some of the things I will miss are...

My girls (RG, DVL & TI).   They have such great work ethic and if we hadn't stuck together during the many moments of insanity, we may have all walked out and quit.  I told them I would come in next Christmas and tip them all $100.  All too often people under tip than over tip. 

My awesome regulars, who came in religiously over the years to keep me up to date on their adventures while enjoying some unhealthy, but tasty food.  I genuinely enjoyed getting to know all these wonderful people and share many laughs.  I have been saying my good-byes and introducing them to the other 3 awesome ladies I worked with so that they can continue to come in and have an a good experience at the restaurant. 

I am even gonna miss my GM, who is so much like my dad.  He is impossible to talk to when the restaurant is on fire and yells in a time of crisis (kinda like Chef Ramsey), but in the end he means well and loves you with all his heart, like you're one of the family.  Deep down, he is a big softy.  Sometimes, I think too much.  He needs to expect more out of his staff and put down the law, stop this letting them slide on their work. 

Alas, I am going to an hourly wage, with full benefits, paid time off and full-time hours in 4 days with the opportunity for overtime!!  I am so happy to know my paycheck will no longer depend on how well I can kiss ass or how educated or uneducated a customer is :) 

As of February 23, 2011, I am officially no longer a server.


Adventures with MS said...

Yay!!!! Food service was my career choice for a long time. The hours are crappy but the money (overall) is pretty good. However, you get tired of dealing with a-holes and smelling of the food you serve (the year at cheese cake factory I was sticky - A LOT).

Anyway, I am so happy that you got a job that utilizes all of your degrees and that you will finally get the respect that you deserve. Way to go!!!

Janet Edwards said...

Wow, this is a new life for you and I am soooo excited for you! YOU DESERVE IT!