Saturday, January 29, 2011

The UGLY Truth

It is never something I like to do.  Go into a situation unprepared that is, or even underprepared for that matter.  I guess you could say "I'm a safety girl." 

That said, getting ready for Boston is definitely putting me in the "I am not ready for this" category.  I had planned a tempo run the other day with a 4 mile warm-up, 4 miles at tempo and .5-1 mile cool down only to have my knee ache (out of nowhere mind you!) and my Garmin beep at me and say "memory full."  I couldn't believe my luck!  What were the chances?  I figured it was okay I would just run off A and hope he could hit the correct pace, but then he started weaving left and right shooting snow and slush from his waterproof shoes onto my not-waterproof shoes. 

Now A and I are very competitive and have very different etiquette when running.  When I run with a slower person, I usually let them lead and run off them, never trying to push the pace or make the other person feel like they aren't going hard enough.  I also, never finish first.  I know I am faster, there is no need to rub it in.  The other person worked harder and they deserve to finish first.  I have nothing to gain.  A however, runs either in front of me or just a hair ahead on my side.  If I pick up the pace he picks it up never letting me be in first and if I push hard at the end, well he pushes past me to the end -- first.  I have spent years being annoyed and trying to get used to it, so when I KINDLY said "can you please pick a side?"  I got a not-so kind response.  That was the 3rd strike for this run.  I turned around and trudge home alone while A continued on his own.  No tempo run done and a wonky knee warranted an extra rest day.  (A later admitted he was just cranky and apologized, so all is good and normal).

Today, I knew I still owed my long run and I figured with the rest day, if the knee felt ok I would just do it.  I had 3 flat easy miles and then I literally headed for the hills.  They aren't major like Sherman or Fairmount, but there are 4-5 in a 3 mile period that are about .25-.5 mile long and have plenty of grade.  I think the steepest is about 7-8%.  Anyway, I rolled down and back on this strip for 15 miles and felt like I had the back of an old lady.  It was aching something fierce and I just felt, well pooped.  Although, I can walk fine and I have no severe aches or pains and I will live to run another day -- 8:47/mile for 18 miles through the hills tells me two things....

Even if I blow up I will still probably be able to finish Boston in less than 4 hours


Even if I blow up I will still probably be able to finish Boston in less than 4 hours

While I am not deadset on a PR, of course I want to run one!!!  Good Lord, I have my work cut out for me.

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