Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Buckeye 50K Aide Report

It was a cold morning and I was really bundled up as me and MT headed down to the aid station for the 50K. I even had 2 pairs of socks on. We had gabbed a box of hot chocolate for everybody in hopes to give the runners a little pep. We bounced around at the aid station for warmth and had to duck inside the MD garage for a bit here and there, but we did manage to make it back out every time a goup of our friends came by. I spent my time laughing with other aiders and filling up water bottles for runners while they tried to reload on some snacks. I saw the 3 musketeers come by at the 1/2 point around 2:30 or so and that when we snapped the pic above. After sending them back out for another 5 miles we impatiently looked for BB. We were a bit chilled and had started to worry when she hadn't come through. Finally we saw her motoring along with a tall fellow I did not recognize. She looked strong and was still smiling. They told us how the 8-mile Pine Lane loop was all hilly terrain and this 5-mile loop was going to be a welcome break. I decided right then and there to jump in and run the 5-mile loop with her. I stripped off a few layers and off we went.

It started off on the tow path, so it was pretty flat and I was getting the updates on the course and their current condition (BB and JP). They seemed in good spirits. After about a mile or so we started climbing. We switched to a walk and began hiking up stairs. I felt fine and stayed in the back just going along for moral support and trying to stay out of the way. We passed JE, AS and EH. JE had pulled a bit ahead of the other two and was on her way back to the Boston Store to refuel and marking completion of her 18th mile. We continued up to the top where we found the the aide station. Pretzels, fig newtons and kleenex were our saviors. We only hung around for about 3 minutes and then headed back. JP said his knees were buggin him and I hung with him. BB had a firecracker under her butt. She really picked it up on the way back. We hung with her and made it back to the Boston Store 3 minutes faster than on the way out. I put my jacket back on and felt a small sense of accomplishment knowing I had gotten in my run, although only 5 miles. I helped BB bandaid her foot and refuel again and snapped a pic of her and JP before sending them out to the hilly Pine Lane.

BB and JP all prepped and ready for the next 8 miles gave me a quick smile as I snapped there pic and wished them good luck and good running.

JA toughed out another 50k solo!! Her pacer was delayed by a super soft pillow and a warm bed.

AS's boyfriend Dr. B was coming by at the 13 mile mark. We tried to convince him that AS was gaining on him, but as you can see he just smiled. He ended up taking 2nd overall!!
After snapping all the above pics and getting everyone on there way it was about 4 hours in and we knew we wouldn't see anyone for at least another hour, so we headed out. We were starving. Watching your buddies run works up your appetite. We hit up Applebees and then when we got home we checked results to see everyone had finished and not only that... they had finsihed well. I can't wait to try the YUT-C 50K now.

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