Thursday, January 10, 2008

Get up, Eat, Ride, Run .... REPEAT

I never thought I would hear or use the word training so much in my life. I think about what I need to do everyday now and wonder if I am giving myself the proper ass kicking in preparation for the 2008 season.

I am striving to ride 240 miles in the month of January. That equates to 60mpw on the bike. I hit my goal in week 1 and have 16 miles done this week. My butt is not quite as soar this week, but some of the muslces are a bit tight. The legs hurt in non-running biking ways. I am hoping it is an indicator of increase in strength to come. I have been running everyday for about 30-40 minutes this week. I am hoping this frequency will help toughen me up for long runs. It seems to be working.

I am injury free currently. No probs, just a tad tired. I am assuming the tiredness is due to increase training, a little dehydration and my IDA. I have attacked the triad by sleeping in (not a problem), increasing my H2O intake and after reading up on iron absorption am now taking it with a glass of orange juice and avoiding high intake of calcium or wheat.

The USAT challenge is still pushing me to keep on that bike of mine. We were all the way up to 13th last night when I checked. YEAH, GO CTC a.k.a. THE RED MENACE!!! Hope we can hold on and move up. I would like to see us finish in the top 10, so it is giving me an excuse to bail on swimming in the hottub at the Y this week, since I can pedal and run miles faster than swim. Is that terrible of me? I am still too competitive in my old age :)

Sunday I will probably go help with the indoor triathlon and then I am attending my first of hopefully many masters' swims at the Geauga YMCA. My form and technique need to be cleaned up even more so I can win my annual pair of running shoes from the walrus.

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