Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Wednesday, huh?? Well, last week was a recovery week. Just miles upon miles, nothing too strenuous, but this week I need to pick up the intensity. I have thus far only had an intense lift session. No, speedwork, tempo run, intervals on the cycle nothin'. But I did have a wonderful breakthrough yesterday that has literally saved my arse.

The mileage is coming on the bike. I am getting more and more comfortable on my bike but just not quite where I need to be. My sit bones just don't like bike seats, even my expensive butterfly seat for some reason. I know you never get totally comfortable on the bike, but that is the main reason why I want to stop after each session, because my butt has had it. Yesterday, I decided to elevate my front tire a little more on my trainer with a second book and what do you know. It worked!! My sit bones held out a bit longer before becoming annoyed and I was much more comfortable. YIPEEEE!!! Score for me. So tonight me and my trusty steed will battle the evil forces of resistance on the bike.

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